The Man in the Moon 🎃 and Being a Libra♎️ in a Civil War

It’s probably not smart to stare at a full moon for five consecutive minutes without being equipped with mystical intention or having incantations in hand.

Because the moon is a quietly influential celestial body.

Yet, last night I simply couldn’t look away, feeling safe and uncharacteristically warm inside our shitty apartment.

And the moon wasn’t full. Rather, it was in its waning gibbous phase or the phase just after the full moon.

Deceivingly full.

The autumn moon is full of tricks. 🍁

And last night it wasn’t as much the moon but the strange clouds which actively encircled the moon.

My husband commented on the phenomenon before he went to bed:

“Looks like a werewolf moon.”

And then he shuffled into the bedroom without another word. Thus, I was left sitting on the couch and wondering, what the hell is a werewolf moon?

I started thinking… perhaps it is a full moon with a skinny wisp of clouds painted faintly and straight across its bottom, making the moon appear a tad shy?

And my husband was right. The moon was looking pretty spooky and werewolfy last night.

Though I’m pretty sure werewolves need a proper full moon.

In any case, the clouds seemed to compose a human face which contorted in rage around the moon last night.

It first started as a skull face:

To me, those clouds are screaming


*Do you see it?* 😺

Well, then the clouds shifted and formed a human face (with a rather big nose) who didn’t emote any more happiness than the skull face:

And the clouds kept shifting:

Now the cloud face looked a bit angrier and the moon seemed to simply be trying to get out of its way.

And, as the moon made some progress, the angry cloud face could only look back at it with a mixture of regret and shock, as if it couldn’t quite believe the moon would leave it behind.

But it’s the motherflipping moon and it has no time for troublesome, unbalanced cloud formations.

And that is the story of how the moon got rid of the Man in the Moon.

Yay! Halloween approaches!

Sure, meanwhile COVID is approaching crisis mode here in Wisconsin where I live but I just stay indoors and stare at the sky most of the time so I remain safe.

And I’ve stopped worrying because my husband continuously says “we are doomed” and I’m a Libra and feel compelled to balance out our domestic dynamic.

It also may explain why I seek animate life in inanimate objects because Libras are the only astrological sign which are represented by an inanimate object.

Justice, balance, harmony… these are the ideals which Libras like me strive to achieve.

Life is very difficult for us, as a result.

In any case, my Libran birthday was very low-key as most birthday are this year due to the plague and it was an amazingly beautiful autumn day so that was the best gift.🍁

But, also, my other half, at my request, spray painted an old pair of tennis shoes so it was kind of like also getting a new pair of shoes.

And they looked beautiful.

Maybe a little white detailing, red laces and these crunchy red shoes will be ready to hit the indoors as… we can’t leave the house because it’s a pandemic.

Well, on my birthday we did try to eat lunch outside of our house, since it was such a beautiful day.

But many restaurants are closed due to the pandemic and it was Sunday so many were also closed just because and those which were open largely didn’t have a patio.

So we drove around a lot.

Eventually, we settled on Noodles and Company as no one was there and they amazingly did have a large patio.

Weirdly, and this is an example of why we are doomed, a family walked into Noodles and exclaimed:

“Oh good! They have indoor seating!”

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve fallen into another dimension of time and space. Of course Noodles and Company has indoor seating.

I expected the family to then remove their masks and start licking the counter.


But that’s not a cheery sentiment and my Noodles and Company birthday soup was delicious and… once again, Halloween approaches!

So, while we can’t afford to buy anything superfluous right now, my husband and I took a free walk through Spirit, the best seasonal Halloween store.

It was super entertaining. 🥰

I really went to Spirit on my birthday to visit my favorite Halloween costume prop.

Last year I had a lot of fun with it.

But this year I could only express my love from a safe social distance.

It was still nice. Someday I may even bring my bull friend home.


FinallyPost-Birthday Genetics Update

Tonight at 5PM I will get my genetics results at long dreaded last!

Last July I submitted cheek swabs to see if I have the genetic mutation which is associated with frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)… neither of which have a treatment or cure.

FTD is what took my beautiful mom.

And I didn’t realize they could now pinpoint the FTD/ALS mutation in a similar way they do for Huntington’s Disease until this past summer.

Hot damn.

When I was younger, I accidentally somehow watched so many documentaries which focused on the kids of a parent who had Huntington’s and the entire movie was essentially asking


Now that it’s me, the answer is “yes”.

I also will see if I have any genetic mutations which indicate I’m more likely to get a certain kind of cancer which will ideally help me access the appropriate cancer screenings.

The results will be given over the phone so, well, fingers crossed I’ll be cleared.

That would be a weight off my mind.

Either way, I amazingly have proper Halloween plans this pandemic year so now more than ever before I can happily say… no matter what, HALLOWEEN APPROACHES!

If I find out I do carry the ALS/FTD genetic mutation and am very likely to get either illness, I will really do my best to live up this Halloween like no other Halloween before.

In a safe and COVID-conscious way.

🎃 And I simply cannot wait.

But if Halloween isn’t quite your thing, then I leave you with what I feel are funny memes to help balance the ending of this Brain Wars post.



Also, for further reading and in case you’re a subscriber of this blog and didn’t get an alert email, I restructured and added content to my old post Homage to My Dead Dog Hemi which can be accessed here:

It’s an entertaining read about our ridiculous beloved monster🦖.

Please check it out, if you already haven’t. 🥰

6 thoughts on “The Man in the Moon 🎃 and Being a Libra♎️ in a Civil War

    1. Haha yes! Isn’t that moon head creepy?????? For sure!!!! I was mesmerized and the clouds kept making different expressions… or so I saw. 😂

      Half hour to go until my results! 🤪Thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘I’ll make a blog about it super soon, yes. It won’t be an entire week (as I’m trying to do one blog per week as I have nothing to say 😂)

      And thank you! Aren’t the shoes just crazy? Yay! 🤗


  1. Once I was at a chain restaurant and some women came in and started talking like they’d never been in a restaurant before “Wow, look at that, they have the forks wrapped in napkins. Is that ever neat.” “You’re joking, Madge!” “They are bringing BREAD to the tables, that is so INteresting.”

    I wish I could view the world with the same sense of wonder.

    Liked by 1 person

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