The Polls Took a Toll But Holy Cats Biden Won😺


Oh boy. Election Day. Here we go!


Oh wow. This race is way closer than I feel it should be. What is wrong with people.


Okay. Things are sort of looking more clear. But it also feels as if the votes will never all be counted. Nevada has gone out of its way to explain how it does not value expediency and we will never likely know what their vote count is.

But we can be assured it’s accurate.

And I didn’t get the faculty academic position I was so exited about. 💔

Though they were very impressed by my experience and so happy to get to know me.

But, likely thanks to climate change, it has been 70 degrees in November in Wisconsin for three days straight now.

That is not normal.

So I left the house on Thursday looking like

and I had my winter coat on and mittens and a wool hat because it’s November in Wisconsin and…

dude. It was flip flop weather. The people I saw around me were in shorts and t-shirts.

I didn’t trust the temperature, feeling tired, wary and worn, so I just kept my coat and mittens on and glowered at the weirdos and their bare skin.

But yesterday the husband and I decided to enjoy the strange sunny weather.

So we grabbed lunch outside after running an errand because we had a little extra money and it was heavenly to sit in the sun and sip sangria.

Wisconsin is being hit very hard by COVID right now (three close friends who were very cautious and safe here currently have COVID… each is doing well 💙) the Milwaukee streets were dead and we were the only ones at the restaurant on a Friday night.

That was good.

Though we felt terrified to be outside.

In any case, when your pumpkin face is caving in, sometimes you just need to sit in the sun.

And listen to music.

And drink sangria.

Engage in self-care.

Because, due to various states’ various rules, they were saying we would likely not have a definitive final count of votes until sometime at the end of this month.

And we won’t know the which party has the majority in the senate until motherflipping January because two senate races went into runoff.

Aka neither candidate acquired fifty percent of the vote so a new vote must be taken.

In January.

In any case, any rational person should be happy that the American democratic process is working.

It’s working very slowly but it’s working.

There was lots of concern that the streets would be on fire but they’re not.

They’re deserted due to the plague.

And poll workers just keep on counting the votes.

And it will all be okay.

With a little mindfulness and music, we can survive anything.

“Look, mind, this tree is pretty.”

And then…


The men who are always outside our windows suddenly cheered!

And my friend texted me: “BIDEN!”

And… Joe Biden has just been called the President-Elect by NBC, Associated Press and FOX.


Damn. Now we’ll have scary tweets and recounts and factions and who knows what Trump will try to do in the next two months but…


Time to heal. 💙


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 🍁

6 thoughts on “The Polls Took a Toll But Holy Cats Biden Won😺

    1. 🎃 For sure, dear Lisa. 😘 You take care and recover. Here we go.

      I finally watched Emma. and the Queen’s Gambit (love them both) and the different stories have given my brain a lovely timeout. 🖤

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  1. OMG! what a week. I’ve been crying all morning from joy and relief. The last four years has been so awful with all that constant fighting and hate. And then Biden and Harris saying all these beautiful unifying words is the best feeling ever. I know it won’t be straight forward, but I have hope again. And a women in office! YAY!!
    Sorry about the faculty job, fingers crossed for something else! xxx

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    1. Yes dear Hestie!! 💙💙💙💙 Hope, once again! Biden and Harris weren’t my picks months ago but the point was to get Trump out and return to a message of unity and community. And I remember when Biden unexpectedly stopped by Agrace Hospice in the Madison area; I believe he brought coffee to thank the workers. I remember how that filled me with love. I don’t know what I would have done without Agrace Hospice and Biden, having gone through that horrible process, understands how difficult and important their work is. He is a good soul. Kamala is bright and ideally she can push some needed legislation through. Hope lives on! Hopefully we can all work together now and rejoin the international community, rejoin the Paris Accord, get back on track and move forward! xxx

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