Covid Negative and, hey Worst Week, MEET JUNE CARTER CASH! 😻

Status Update:

Firstly, I’m still COVID negative and now so is my husband! We are both clear!

David never had any symptoms and… I never had COVID so… quarantining in our small little open plan house was kind of surreal.

When he FINALLY received his test result (3.5 days after his PCR test), we had both evolved into isolated figures who occupied their distinct physical space.

I was on the second floor.

David – the Infected One – occupied the first floor and basement.

During our solitary quarantine, I forgot what it was to have physical contact with another. So it took a few minutes (fifteen minutes) after his “I’m negative” text to physically go find him and hug him.

For, in this time, I had evolved. I needed no one.

But I re-animated and went down to the basement to find the state-cleared one and hugged him.

So COVID is hitting Wisconsin super hard. The pastors at my church have it, the radio station DJ has it, everyone has it.

No one looks at you weirdly if you are wearing two insane looking masks when you’re at the store. In fact, now it seems like everyone is wearing a mask or two.

Finally the general population around here seem to be taking it seriously.

It just took… pushing it to the brink.

Speaking of the brink…

Recently, we moved from our crazy former neighborhood to Riverwest, which is an amazing neighborhood – my favorite Milwaukee neighborhood – and packages can be delivered to our front porch and stay there for days.

I have no idea how long this fancy fucking mixer sat outside but it was there when I opened the front door randomly and saw it sitting there.

The former owners of our house forgot they moved or something so it belonged to them and… we told our realtor who told their realtor and they came and we put it back outside and they came to pick it up.

Being good is so boring. But… I don’t have a mixer and I will CONTINUE TO NOT HAVE A MIXER.

In any case, our new neighborhood does not have the thievery problem our old neighborhood did.

I think it’s the change in neighborhood but also because we now live on a hill.

Well, Milwaukee still sounds insane. But… how about… that dog…?

Oh you mean JUNE CARTER CASH????

Context and Facts

June was abandoned in a cemetery with her siblings somewhere in the south and then transported up here to a non-profit dog rescue organization called “Lucky Mutts”.

She is part Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd.

Her brothers were 100+ lbs. heavier than she was when they were rescued.

They clearly did not share the food they had scavenged with June.

She was also the most openly traumatized of her family. But her amazing foster human has convinced her to start eating and drinking and she slowly gained weight so now she is 55 lbs.

June is not food-motivated but her human has piqued her interest in “Cheese Whiz”.

We were also told she doesn’t eat her toys or chew on them… she prefers to snuggle with them.

Her favorites are “Missy Elephant” and “Lambchop”, and she is also a big fan of blankets.

They say June is 11 months but that her birthday was maybe May 1, 2021… either way, she is a young dog going on 900 years old.

Despite her age, she is completely house-trained. She never had an accident inside the house while living with her foster mom.

She also was described as being a “couch potato” who wasn’t a huge fan of being outside (being abandoned in a cemetery probably did that) but who had no problem walking on a leash.

In fact, she sits at traffic intersections when on walks, or so we were told.

It sounded like this dog could lead some training courses for other dogs.

The Pick-Up

We had only met June once. She was clearly petrified but there were very obvious glimpses she was getting better.

And her wonderful foster mom had described the perfect dog to me so… it didn’t really matter how our first meeting went. This was the dog for us.

So we visited her last night after work for our second and final visit. Her foster mom brought her out and she wagged her tail after she sniffed us so that was surprising and wonderful. “June Bug, you remember us?”

In fact, her foster mom said that she’d never wagged her tail like that before so… that was great but then June kept trying to get away from us while inside the shelter.

Miss Mixed Signals.

I felt conflict trying to make a creature who wanted nothing to do with us go with us. After all, she was doing fine with her foster mom who clearly adored her (she had a two-page handwritten “All about June” guide, a big plastic bag full of “stuffies” and another big bag full of more stuff. )

Yet, June had no issue walking with us on leash to the car.

No pulling. No resistance.

When we had rescue-adopted our ridiculous Mastiff Hemingway Monster

she also caused the shelter workers to say “OMG SHE HAS NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE awwwwwww” as, during our visit, she brought a toy and then laid down for a belly rub.


But after I wrote the check for her and we turned to leave the Humane Society lobby, she fucking laid down on the floor and refused to move.

She didn’t seem stressed or scared… she just was a limp mass of flesh, fur and ridiculousness.

I was embarrassed and didn’t want the shelter workers to see but it’s not like they didn’t know because they had to physically drag her out to meet us earlier.

…we loved her beyond words but she was the worst...

In any case, I was a little nervous to experience the same I AM NOT GOING WITH THESE PEOPLE dramatics but June was relatively easy.

I mean, she sat on my feet outside the car for around five minutes before she got in but… it was pretty smooth.

I then sat in the back seat with her and fed her Kong brand Cheese Whiz. She didn’t whine as she had inside the shelter and, instead, sat up and looked around (or just at my hands which had cheese whiz on them).

I heard she wasn’t food motivated but she gobbled up so much Kong cheese whiz I had to stop feeding her because… well, for starters, it’s blaze orange in color.

Finally, we arrived home and pulled the car into the garage.

She had a little more trouble getting out of our car but, after about fifteen minutes, she genuinely crossed the backseat to exit the vehicle on her own.

Well, she made it to the edge and then David helped her down.

That was pretty huge.

She then sniffed around our little fenced yard.

And she spent the rest of her time on our couch with us until we went to bed and then she… stayed on the couch. We made sure to have her elephant and lamb “stuffy” and it was a good thing. 😂😘

Moreover, shockingly, she also knows what “outside” is and, after asked, jumps right off the couch to go outside to do her business.

Morning and night, #1 and #2.

In some ways, she is doing better than most of us. And, by the end of the night, she stopped ducking when we reached out to pet her and, in contrast, leaned toward the contact which was pretty shocking.

Her foster mom said she hadn’t made eye contact for weeks when she first came to live with her but she would often catch June sneaking a look at her. The shelter workers and her foster mom said we would probably have to start at square one with her but… so far, she seems to be building on the love she has already received.

This morning I have off from work so I asked June if she’d like to take a tour of the house.

To my surprise, after I put on her collar and got her leash out, she replied, “Yes, I do!” and jumped off the couch and we went on a tour.

She sniffed around and even laid down upstairs for a bit as I got dressed.

But then going back down the stairs was a little more challenging than going up them had been.

I left her for a bit as I put a load of laundry in downstairs and then returned to find her laying on a pile of clothes and whining softly and so we tried again.

“I am now here and miss the couch.”

So she got up when I picked up her leash and walked with me right over to the edge of the stairs.

But… nope. I started to go down the stairs and June was not coming with me. She withdrew back into our bedroom.

But, after she collected herself, on the third try she went downstairs without any hesitation.


So now we are back in the Most Familiar room and she is taking a well-deserved nap.

And this dog snores.

But she woke to again take a tour of the first floor (her idea, this time)… she has some interest for the world beyond the couch.

Her bed arrives today so I’ll see if I can get her up once again to witness its arrival. So I can be all:


(the delivery person will be all… wtf…I’m at the door you crazy person)


It’s just Day One and we are making progress with our new family member. But I’m not feeling great (it’s not COVID) so June and I are just going to do some laid-back rest and recovery today.

June Carter Cash is the perfect dog for us. In the paperwork, I was to enter the “Original name” and the “New name” and… I mean, she’s a June Bug. There’s no going back now!


this week was the worst

… it is dog time.

Her foster mom listed “Hallmark movies” as an interest of hers but I’ll see if she likes horror. One thing is clear and it’s that this dog has personality.

Next year this time she could be doing cartwheels and on tour with Brittany Spears. Who knows who she will be when she fully emerges from her shell. 😘

12 thoughts on “Covid Negative and, hey Worst Week, MEET JUNE CARTER CASH! 😻

  1. If Junie (I’m going to maybe call her this.?? If she says it’s okay of course) is anything like Hemi I know I’m going to love her buckets. ❤️❤️ More dog posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhhhhh my heart!!!! I call her all versions of “June” so of COURSE you can call her Junie!!! Your her Uncle CorCor! She is… special needs and also — it’s subtle still — but she is also a diva so her and Hemi have EVERYTHING in common. haha but she is far more… cooperative so she wins. LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!! More dog posts are coming… you don’t think I won’t document her 2024 Brittany Spears back up dancer experience? hee hee


    1. Haha so much HORRIBLE driving here in Milwaukee. 😵‍💫 A person our age who lived in our old neighborhood was killed in a head-on crash in the morning on his way to work. 😔 It’s just everywhere here. I get a little worried but I have such quick reflexes (attributed to my epilepsy) it’s like… a graphic video game. Ohhhh the wrecks we drive by sometimes – often – on our way to work… breath-taking. This is why I’m applying to remote jobs now. 😂

      The doggy is finally home and she is still scared but doing a light year amount better than I had hoped. She is a complete ham too (not in the way I’d think of it but I can see it in her… buried deep). 😘


  2. You scared me.
    Hey, it’s possible this might be a long shot, but I’m gonna toss it to you anyway.

    My daughter is a pharmacist with half a mil in student debt. Even so, she found it worthwhile to take a substantial pay cut in order to substantially improve quality of life. She left retail pharmacy to work from home for a company called PPD, and she continues to be giddy with delight to be part of such a healthy corporate culture.

    I know they are always hiring, largely but not entirely people with medical backgrounds. I would think psychology falls into that category. Do a little research and think about how your CV might mesh.

    Just thinkin.’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello you… I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you! There was a near-miss when I was leaving the 2 hour COVID testing line with a car speeding down the wrong way and running a light. I was able to swerve to miss them and – to their credit – they also swerved so… no accident. 😵‍💫

      And thank you for sharing!!! I’m so glad your daughter made that big move (I just watched a PBS special on exactly this phenomena!) and that it’s working out for her! 🙏😻🙌 I’ll definitely check out PPD with your rave review!

      Oddly, yesterday afternoon I was contacted by the CEO of Woolf University as I had moved on to the next interview stage. And then I apparently passed THAT stage and moved on to the third stage and was sent an exercise and test to do and…

      David’s mom is in the hospital (pneumonia) and June Bug is very special needs but it’s okay and last week was too much at work and… it’s wonderful to move forward so quickly but I’m going to try to use today to relax a little. 😵‍💫

      Love the notion of a “healthy work culture!” That’s the goal! Haha interestingly, the CEO also asked me to submit my Myer-Briggs personality type (Advocate) and… reading my personality profile again really helped me! 😂 I HAVE OVEREXTENDED MYSELF AGAIN! And need to… take a day. 😘

      So happy for your daughter! She is an inspiration! Life is short. Work should not affect our mental health in such dramatic ways. 💙


      1. Ooh, this is charting VERY well…the house, the dog–next domino, the job. As faculty, or in another capacity? Exciting development.

        Myers-Briggs personality type is intriguing. Mine, INFP, is spot on. I used it in my CV for years. Don’t know that employers paid attention, but if they wanted insight into how I’d fit into their outfit, they should have. Birth order is not as highly respected as MB, but that’s got me pretty well pegged, as well.

        One of our kitties was adopted from the SPCA shelter. Skittish didn’t begin to describe him. Our ghost-pet, he lived under my bed for a month. Not a technique I’d recommend, but what turned him around was the next time we had to go out of town and had a neighbor pop in twice a day to maintain the pets. Maybe he thought he’d been abandoned again, but for whatever reason, he was SO happy to see us. Purring like a motor boat, nuzzling, climbing into any available lap.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohhhh aren’t the personality types super accurate? I never stop being incredibly pleased about it. 😂 Like… Yes! FINALLY! Someone understands me! 😂

        I never thought of putting my personality type on my CV! That’s brilliant! Especially nowadays with all these start-ups! Haha and I’m right with you in regards to horoscope signs. I’m a Libra and it’s usually pretty accurate but… not like the more soft-science-based personality type.

        Ohhhhhhh your ghost-pet! 😭Awwwwww. Poor thing. But…bahahahaha… it’s the Home Alone syndrome! He learned the hard way. 😂😘😘😘😘


    1. Ohhhhh the June Bug! Her foster mom was SO supportive of us having her… that really boosted our confidence. She is very special needs but, in the two days we’ve had her, she has made so much progress. Last night she DRANK WATER for the first time (that was getting scary)… we had to bring it to her and look away (her foster mom had said this) and we just got done eating breakfast with her by her bowls in the hall to try to break her “safe zone eating habit” little by little. And she did eat a little. And drank a lot more water.

      So… phew! And she is super willing to do tours of the house… tentatively but curiously… and she sees her leash and collar as the empowerment she needs to leave the couch. 😂😘 Baby steps. 😘


    1. She has some serious personality which is starting to come through! 😂😘 In the morning, we can’t tell is she is super excited or terrified to see us but she sits up and kind of sways… so, for now, it’s a hybrid. 😂😘 But progress. She is emoting. 😘💙


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