Joy Divided and Halloween Rising ⚡️💔⚡️

Wow. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything on this site which I pay $120+ to maintain and don’t have the time to use…

But I love the five of you who read and then comment… it’s like a really specialized form of social media as you’re not on my other social media or in my physical life.

So I miss you and “Hello!”

Nothing much has been happening in my life though I was recently reflecting on how two years ago I was always seeing medical specialists.

And now I have the same issues but I just stopped seeing all the doctors and now I just tell other people to see doctors.

If I had a seizure suddenly, I think I’d just give up. I spent a good hour revisiting the life of Ian Curtis

who “got” epilepsy at age 22 or so and with it came depression and all the horrific side effects of the medieval medications for epilepsy available in the ‘80s and then he… was no more.

But he was no ordinary epileptic… he left a mark.

I liked how he incorporated his seizures into his performance.

Well, I’m sure he didn’t have control so it wasn’t really a choice… he just kept going for a bit, pretending. Hence, the title:

ANYWAYS… 🎶Epilepsy on my miiiiiind 🎵

That’s why I had started this blog. But now my health issues are no longer something I wish to focus on… yes, the epilepsy medication which controls my seizures is killing me and I really can’t breathe some days… so I just go around wheezing, feeling really weak and not being able to sing.

And I really like to sing at church.

So that especially bothers me because my church’s pastor was killed at 9AM last Wednesday morning as he was on his way to work/church.

He was t-boned by some driver who was crazy speeding and who ran through a red light.


Somehow… I feel like being murdered in a traffic accident should only occur in the evening.

And, similar to when I was hit, the person who hit Pastor Strong said he thought he was going around the speed limit.

But police say he was going 70mph in a 30mph speed zone.

It’s absolutely insane here in Milwaukee.

It’s beyond.

And I’ve already been in an accident this year as some senile old creature hit me so hard it cracked the axle of my rear tire.

Spun me around, deafened me due to the air bags and that hearing hadn’t come back and…

I cannot accept the loss of my pastor. He was my age. He had little kids. He had a dark sense of humor.

And he had a smile that would light you up from the inside out.

This is what happens in life. Someone really good, someone who was helping other people, someone who was really positive and optimistic but also very human and tangible… they’re suddenly gone for some bullshit reason.

And you find yourself feeling really… vengeful.

But, as much as I love stories of vengeance, it’s not what life is about.

As this is when the darkness wins because the anger, rage, hurt… it rises up and feeds and suddenly… you’re no longer fighting the good fight.

And Halloween deserves better than that.

My roommate husband and I took a mental health break the first week of October and Halloween was alive and well in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

We then started to scheme about what we could do to escape the intense unhappiness and isolation we’re both feeling now and it settled upon this theater which was recently closed.

How fun would it be to open a movie theater that sold booze and was the only movie theater in 100 miles?

It could have comfy vintage chairs and sofas, TV trays, lots of taxidermy

U.P theater lobby

and table service.

That sounds fun.

In other news, I tried to really go all out for our first Halloween in our house.

That means that our house has a coven of witches who kept blowing all over the neighborhood and also a street lamp which landed on its head and broke because I didn’t have enough patience to secure any of it correctly.

The sheer incompetency of my Halloween display was a part of the process and I can only imagine what our neighbors think.

But now the witches have been staple-gunned to the railing and are secure.

But I have a few ghosts being projected onto the side our house and that’s worked from the beginning.

It’s not dark enough for me to include a photo of that and I want to post this blog now.

Patience is a virtue I do not possess.

After the witches were staple-gunned and I got a timer for the projection and other lights, I was starting to feel good about the humble quality of my Halloween display until David showed me a photo of the Beetlejuice house in Bayview.


So, despite mortality pressing, Halloween goes on.

Hope you each stay safe and enjoy a wonderful October! Check out this new track by Slasher Dave and find the time to have some fun.


9 thoughts on “Joy Divided and Halloween Rising ⚡️💔⚡️

  1. So sorry for the loss of your pastor. And what a senseless way to go, although death rarely makes much sense to me anyway, as inevitable as it may be. I would totally come to your awesome movie theater, and I can just imagine the feature film line-up around this time of year😁 Good job on figuring out how to corral the coven – “I’ma staple you bitches so you stay put and do your JOB!” LOL Enjoy the weeks ahead and all their spooky fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha it’s like you were THERE when I was staple-gunning the witches!! hahahaha

      Thank you dear, Emma. And I love to imagine that line of rural U.P. folk stretching out beyond the doorway of the theater… dressed in their finest camouflage… hee hee… stay safe this holiday! xx


  2. I’m so sorry about your pastor.. it just doesn’t seem to end. 😦 my heart goes to you and his family.

    Ps I miss you. I was just in madison for a day but couldn’t leave my hotel room. But we were in each other’s states ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my kindred. You get it, as always… it really doesn’t seem to end. Thing are starting to feel surreal. After everyone died, I liked the idea of going through the motions when things don’t feel real until they start to feel real again but…

      I miss you. It’s so nice to know you were in my state for a second. I hope you were okay. I was also in your state earlier this month… one of these times, we will be in the same state in the same immediate space, I hope. Love you!


  3. What a tragic loss of your pastor. I’m sure the whole community is rallying to support his partner and kids. Your Halloween display is terrific and the neighbours will really enjoy it. You can just stick June in the window with a kerchief on her head and that would freak everyone out too. I love your boozy movie theatre idea. Perhaps the church basement would allow it once a month?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much, dear Naomi… haha our Halloween display looks so humble in comparison but I see the neighbor on the corner added a big spider web to their decorations so I like to think we inspired them and that’s what counts. 🥰The whole community is definitely rallying for my beloved pastor… horrible city that we live in. Funeral is tomorrow evening and it will be super packed. I love the thought of June in the window!!!! Bahahahahaha!!! Yes!!! Oh… I don’t even think my big old church has a basement! I mean, it has a lower level with classrooms and the such but… its actual basement no one is allowed into is probably PERFECT for a theater! 😂😻 Horror movies would feature! Hugs to yooooou!


  4. What a tragedy. My heart goes out to his family and all of you who loved him.

    Your decorations are awesome!

    We used to have that movie theater. It closed, though. I don’t know why, it was a really pleasant way to see movies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear Lisa. 😘💔 The funeral was a couple nights ago and it was overflowing. We were upstairs in a giant overflow room Id never seen and we had to stand. And we got there pretty early. So… can’t believe his body was in the box.

      And yes! There are a ton of dinner movie theaters here in Wisconsin… they all now at least serve booze so that’s not anything novel. But… up north doesn’t even have a theater! Crazy!😂🖤


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