My Eyes Are Open: Another Spooky Post

Staring at inanimate objects, looking for messages and signs, is one of my many hobbies.

I’m not basing my existence on whatever I imagine I see (or really see) but, rather, it’s an imaginative and pleasant way to spend my free time.

For example, a couple months ago I was tromping all over our apartment’s basement, admiring the oddities it contains.

And somehow I missed the space under the stairs!

Perhaps I missed it because it is contained in the spookiest area of our basement and I don’t like to stare at it.

But I didn’t realize that the darkness of that space is not contained by four walls.

No, there is a corner in the dark which empties into a space under the stairs.

I was in my single digits in the 1980s so I was well acquainted with the B horror comedy movie People Under the Stairs.

It is not a good movie.

But it left a mark.

Consequently, ever since I saw that stupid movie, I am wary-curious of the spaces beneath staircases.

And so how in the world did I miss the space underneath our basement’s staircase?!

It’s as if that space suddenly appeared!

And, to make this space even more curious and strange, I had also never before seen the Pac-Man-looking monster face on the wall on the side of the stairs.

Yeah, I felt it was odd to have missed the somewhat sideshow-looking demented Pac-Man monster face and the space under the stairs.

In addition, the other morning I was staring at the kitchen cupboard, speedily drinking my coffee before it got cold, when I noticed the wood markings composed two ghosts.

The old-fashioned kind… sheet ghosts.

That also struck me as being weird because I’ve stared at that kitchen cabinet before and never noticed the ghosts.

It’s also the only wood mark in the otherwise monochrome wood.

And then apparently my husband is not my husband.

Who knew.

I only realized this because he didn’t have a face in the photo our security bot Ken took. 😬

I’m pretty sure he was just looking up but the security photo caught me a bit off guard.

And uh-oh… you know that super tall guy who was in Conjuring 2? The crooked man who is getting his own movie spin-off? In case you don’t, here he is:

Well, he also showed up outside our door! Had trouble fitting into our door.

Hee hee.

So, in short, everyone is really getting into the Halloween spirit around here!

David lost his face, the excess moisture seeping into our basement has formed a monster face, a space under the stairs reveals itself… there are ghosts in the cupboard door…

and the Crooked Man from the children’s rhyme and also Hollywood visited and destroyed our house a little.

The clean-up was massive.

Yes, I also hear the loony bin calling. 😂

Fine. The reason our apartment is in disarray and why we are sleeping in the not-bedroom is because our apartment’s ceiling started leaking.

Boo, no fun.

I’d rather pretend the Crooked Man came and was a terrible house guest but was even worse than usual because now he thinks he is a big shot ever since he got his movie deal and is consequently putting on grandiose airs.

Because how dreary is it to live life blindly and not open our eyes to see all the magical stuff that surrounds us in our often mundane contexts?

Rhetorical but…



On that note,

farewell and stay safe.

Repurposed charity shop Christmas lion will slowly see you out. 🖤

8 thoughts on “My Eyes Are Open: Another Spooky Post

  1. I am so scared of cracked ceilings now.

    You have to paint the actual pac man guy on the wall now. If you did that to every yellow wallpapery thing you found your apartment would be a treasure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I wish I could! Our landlord is crazy strict about this apartment and NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO ANY WALL EVER. He even had it painted with the surface to which no tape sticks.

      Dying to be able to paint Pac-Man monsters on my basement wall.😭 Want to be out of here so badly.

      And yes I thought of you twice today because of how our bedroom ceiling threatens to cave in and I remember your photos 💔 and… a friend sent me a listing for a two million dollar “Xanadu” house outside Austin. 😺 Want to go in on buying that? 😂


  2. I had to pass the scary parts swiftly and definitely didn’t watch the clips, but, as always, I love your writings and even if you SCARE me I still smile and chuckle. Great October write up!

    Liked by 1 person

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