This Has Been the Longest Week in Human History and It’s Somehow Still Not Over

Or am I alone in feeling this way?

I got a slow start in writing this week’s blog today which means that our super shitty WiFi can’t keep up with my typing so… I type and then slowly watch the words…

appear… one





So this will be short.

My back-from-the-dead PC isn’t helping things either because – though it is alive – it is still old and constantly in a battle to save its soul from Microsoft which keeps trying to commandeer it.

The Main Message of this week’s blog is how the Milwaukee Bucks won the national NBA Championship earlier this week… it’s the first good thing that’s happened in Milwaukee which is actively decaying as I painstakingly… slowly… type this in a very long time so… everyone in the city showed up for it.

There was also a Bucks parade spontaneously organized to celebrate this incredible happening so my job last Tuesday (the day which came to be the NBA championship final game as the Bucks won) was:

walk a couple miles in blazing heat

– in the wrong shoes –

and take strategic photos of every Sculpture Milwaukee sculpture as the art community spontaneously realized that the sculptures were fated to suffer damage at the hands of an either exuberant or super-angry crowd of Bucks fans.

So I was assigned the task of taking the “BEFORE” photos using a map that didn’t have streets marked/identified.

Best perspective: It was like a scavenger hunt.

Real perspective: It was some bullshit.

Mostly because of the heat and distance I had to walk.

Also, I thought SCULPTURES would be a bit easier to find but… I was wrong.

I walked in circles for blocks before I realized that one sculpture I was to document hadn’t even been installed yet.

And then I walked right by this giant Apollo-Poll sculpture because… it looked like it belonged.

By the end of Tuesday, I felt a lot like my favorite Sculpture Milwaukee sculpture.

In any case, it’s been a week and it’s not even over yet. At the beginning of this insanely long and soul-squeezing week we made our second home offer and it was rejected

though they liked my letter.

But oh well… hope lives. We will move out of this bad neighborhood someday. Excuse me, I have to hit the floor as gunshots just rang out.

(dusts self off and sits back in seat) I mean, if the inconsistent “good guys” Bucks can win a national championship (the first one in fifty years) for the mean, poverty-stricken, disparity-dictated, corrupt city of Milwaukee…

anything is possible.

So hold on, everyone, and I will do the same! 🖤

5 thoughts on “This Has Been the Longest Week in Human History and It’s Somehow Still Not Over

  1. I’m sorry your house offer didn’t work out this time, but don’t worry, it will happen for you soon. I have faith. I’m glad you are working on getting a house and leaving your computer on the back-burner so to speak. Maybe you can get a couple of grand extra on your mortgage to buy a new computer as well?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear Naomi. Yes, it’s still a crazy market so… it will just take some time. 💙 I really think it’s our terrible Spectrum wifi… I took zombie PC to Chicago to host a YouTube thing and it worked SO WELL! But… yeah, with the jobs, we should be able to afford a new computer sometime soon. 😘😘


    1. Oh my dear beloved beautiful friend… thank you so much. 😭 I hit a wall at the job Thursday morning… voiced my frustration over the dysfunctional nature of the company and the inexcusable behavior of some and how I was vacuuming floors with two different vacuums due to the mess others made and didn’t clean up… it all came to a head and… I don’t know what the future will bring in these dire times but… thank you so much. Sending so much love to you.


  2. My father, realtor extraordinaire, always said, “Never mind, there’s always something better,” on the many occasions my offers went awry. Turned out to be true, pretty much.


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