So This Week Happened…

It’s been a rough week. Earlier, I found out a dear friend died in a motorcycle accident. A utility van crossed the center line and, by doing so, ended her life.

It was sudden and still feels unreal and… irritating. Like, I am super irritated about this.

Not fair. Not cool and I don’t want to talk about it.

That doesn’t feel like the right grouping of emotions. But it’s grief …OMICATS WHY DOES MY PHONE KEEP CHANGING “GRIEF” TO “FRIED” WHY WHY WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK… and grief doesn’t have rules.

She had strongly encouraged me to buy sad animated Christmas Lion at a consignment shop in McKeesport, PA after a fun lunch on a fun day.

It’s weird what sticks out in memory. These events seems so insignificant but they must hold something more.

And, in the meantime, life goes on. It always does.

It’s kind/brutal in that way.

Accordingly, my husband and I are still looking to move, like a lot of friends we know.

A variable in why we’ve become a bit more desperate about moving is how our new Clubland neighbor downstairs

decided to start hammering on the walls at 9:30PM a couple nights ago.

9:30PM on a weeknight probably does not seem late to a young person but it is no time to start hammering on the walls when there is a sharing of walls.

However, when she isn’t deadmau5 or a nocturnal carpenter, she is quiet as a mouse.

So we never know what the night or weekend will bring now.

That’s how it was before in this neighborhood but now it’s… more.

To that end, also this week, I called 911 after gunshots played out in what seemed like directly right outside our building


and I was in bed and then a car squealed and stormed away and

then there was silence.

Bridget Heneghan

So I immediately grabbed my phone and called 911 in sheer defiance of the sudden absence of noise.

I’ve largely stopped calling 911 because of their policy of not answering or, if anyone does answer and emergency workers do show up, they show up in fire trucks with a super judgy look on their faces and they don’t show up in ambulances because the ambulance company ended its contract with the city so now EMTs ride around in fire trucks

… cooler for them?…

and it’s just not worth the trouble.

But what the fuck…this week has been hellish so I went for it and called 911 and… land alive, a genuine human being answered my call on the fifth ring and she was a little hesitant (maybe in training? 🤷🏻‍♀️) but she did great and took down my info

and then an officer followed up by calling from an anonymous line to say he was driving around and really wanted to know which direction the car was going after it sped off.

“I was in bed. I don’t know.”

“No but really… which way did the car go. West? East…”


I know what directions are, sir. Also, this is maybe 20 minutes after the incident and we live in the city. I don’t think it matters which way they went.

They could take a left and be going a different way in 3 seconds’ time.

Again, I was also in bed and didn’t get up to throw back the sashes because there are always gunshots.

East of Eden is where they went.

So it’s been a week and, yes, we’ve got to move.

I recently noticed an undiscovered symbol scrawled on a basement door. It’s weird I never noticed it before but that’s because that door is usually opened and held in place by a board but the other day the door was closed with its face facing me as I walked down the basement stairs which is when I saw the pentagram

which had as its number of the day 6!

No matter, we are moving.

Oddly, my week at work was BATSHIT but I think I’m getting semi-good at it or something OR I also attribute my change of heart to the fact that I now drink two containers of Juiced for lunch.


1) we don’t have time to grocery shop

2) we only have a half-hour for lunch and we work in an industrial area and it takes 20 minutes to get to a place which sells food quickly

3) the only close thing which sells quick consumables is a Stone Creek Coffee

and they carry Juiced juice and pastries and I don’t eat pastries…

so I started to drink two Juiced juices for lunch every day…

and… consequently, I’m almost happy at work this week and don’t feel like curling into a ball/disappearing into the walls and – again – this work week has been a minefield of CRAZY and this week has been TERRIBLE and the addition of consistent lunch-juice is the only variable which has changed this week and therefore it’s the only thing that could explain my instantaneously improved reality at work.


I sound like I’m in a cult… I know… but I wasn’t expecting this juice to do anything besides give my body a chance to heal from my brief venture into Truck Life and it’s changed my world so… go Juice!

It’s locally produced too.

There. Huzzah. I ended on a bright note.


Also, Christmas is coming. So I got out Pennsylvania Lion to welcome it:


Thanks for reading, you. I hope you’re staying safe and taking care.

I’m listening to the Hans Zimmer Dune soundtrack as I do laundry on my day off so… I’ll share a song from it here to close this week’s blog and… realizing how this soundtrack sounds…

damn, I do sound like I’m starting a cult!

Any takers? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂

7 thoughts on “So This Week Happened…

  1. I LIKE the juice names. The names ALONE must be imparting power (that and, like, the antioxidants and stuff). I am imagining you out in the world with “Eternal life” on one bicep, and “Super destroyer” on the other. Look out, world! Super Hill is taking no shit.

    I am sad for you about losing your friend. No useful words. I send a good hug.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I could hug you RIGHT NOW. 😔😭 You are the best. Aren’t they names great! “I’ll have Super Destroyer and Eternal Life, please, thanks.” 😂

      Just… sending so much love to you, Lisa. 😘😘😘😘😘☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️


  2. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. This sad story reminds me why I stopped riding a motorcycle ten years ago out of fear of crazy drivers. You will always treasure this cute lion because it reminds you of her.
    Your neighbor sounds like a pain. I hope you have orange foam earplugs, but I guess that won’t help much if the walls are vibrating. I feel that a tremendous house deal will fall into your lap just in time for Xmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh honey, yes. My baby cousin Cameron, who was only 21 or so, was also killed in a motorcycle accident a few years back. 😔 You’re so vulnerable on a bike, especially when there are other humans on the road who aren’t paying attention. Sending you so much love. And yeah… Lion waving goodbye sadly will now always remind me of her… it’s full circle. I have noice cancellation headphones! I received them for my bday so… yay! I like them a lot and will be using them a lot more when I’m home due to the new neighbor. Still house hunting! 🙏 Hugs to you!!!!!!!!


    1. We will be there, dear JJ. We were in Madison last night to see Sam’s new space and saw friends and heard about the memorial. We will take off the next day at work. Love you.


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