Halloween Then and Now: Weather and Resilience

OMICATS, everyone! It’s ALMOST HALLOWEEN! The gateway to the Western holiday season is about ready to BLAST OPEN!

Here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the weather has just taken a dark turn:

And it’s fantastic. I’ve heard some moaning from others about the weather but this is Halloween weather.

I would be so upset if Halloween occurred on an unusually sunny and brilliant day… blue skies, a warm breeze in the evening…if that would ever occur, I would be absolutely disgusted.


My viewpoint has been molded by all the Halloweens I’ve lived through in my 800,000 years of being alive.

As a kid, I’d spend hours carefully crafting my Halloween costume.

Every single year.

I’d burn my fingers as I hot-glue-gunned glitter and feathers and plastic crows and spiders and whatever else on various surfaces in order to perfect my outstanding homemade Halloween costume.

Some people would use a sewing machine or a thread and needle but my tool of choice was a 1980s glue gun.

There was no going back. Every year the costume was definitely a one-wear.

And every year I’d complete my masterpiece Halloween costume and every year it would be completely hidden by a coat, hat, scarves, mittens and boots.

Because EVERY YEAR it would either snow or torrentially rain (with lightning) or else be brutally cold on Halloween.

However, the year I handmade (or – more accurately – constructed, glued, safety-pinned and piece-mailed together) my amazing She-Ra outfit… well, that was the hardest Halloween for me.

The night before Halloween that year, I spent a hundred years (probably 20 minutes) glue-gunning glitter onto an old pair of sneakers to emulate She-Ra’s super cool boots.

I didn’t have knee-high fashion boots. I had high-top pink kid sneakers.

But it was the closest I could get to the real thing.


I just realized there is a newer (than the 1980s) She-Ra cartoon so the fact THAT guy 👆 is my notion of Bo from She-Ra dates me but… I already said I’m 800,000 years old so it should be no surprise.

ANYWAYS the year of the biggest Halloween snowstorm hit when I was going to be She-Ra and I couldn’t even wear my glitter high-top sneakers and had to wear stupid winter boots.

And my boots were neither glitter or gold.

I remember feeling very upset about my situation that Halloween.

But, after eighteen million more Halloweens of snowstorms and deadly thunderstorms and dangerously cold periods, I learned to adapt.

I got over it. The absolutely shitty weather is a necessary part of Halloween to me now. As it has to be for the rest of those who live in Wisconsin and other godforsaken places.

So last night as the temperature plunged and it started to rain… I breathed in the damp night air, felt pneumonia blossoming in my lungs and felt quite happy.

Everything is going according to plan. **** Heeeeeey… if you’re dressing up in costume, please let me know what you’re pretending to be this weekend in the comments! 🙏🦇

Because it is almost Halloween.


Let’s count it down!

WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE, FREDDY YOU SHITHEAD. Damn Freddy Krueger had my number when I was a kid.

I don’t think Lydia of Beetlejuice is a monster or horror figure and kind of feel bad she is part of this.

Looks like so many people who are on the news lately.

Pretty good Pennywise. I’m still not sure what is in It’s arms… but that’s probably because I don’t care enough to squint.

I mean, they gave David the vampire an earring (you can’t see it and I had an unacceptable amount of technical issues with this week’s blog so you’re not going to see it) but his outfit kind of looks like a modern day playboy and not an 80s punk rocker.

Poor Regan. Sorry you’re in this grouping. I mean, she didn’t ask to be possessed. And this looks more like the kid than the dick possessing her.

Jason here looks a bit bored and cross-eyed.

Beetlegeuse on the other hand looks like he’s here to party.

Annabelle?…Annabelle is a bit more pale and hideous. I guessed Carol Anne from Poltergeist but that kid was not a ginger and… it’s still super sad about the actor who played the role. Doctors, man. Boo.

AUDREY II! Pretty great.

Damn. On looks alone, this is definitely the most “NOT FUN” of the bunch.

THREE DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN (well, two and a half days left until Halloween)! Hope you enjoy a wonderfully spooky holiday! Wake your ghosts up… the day is almost here!

Oh oh oh oh… and if you’re looking for a spooky activity, check out my ghostly storybook and its audiobook! Sit in the dark, light some candles and listen to my irritating voice tell some ghost stories. Woohoo!

I’ll also soon be on a podcast (🦇 Tea’s Weird Week 👻). I did the interview last Tuesday after work where all day at work I felt it was Wednesday and then shared my belief with various museums and galleries when confirming jobs at work because I am in logistics and not only did I think Tuesday was Wednesday but my boss also thought Tuesday was Wednesday and so they ALSO sent out confirmations of the wrong day… and when we both finally realized it was Tuesday and not Wednesday we laughed as if struck by madness…

and some of the people at the other places emailed back to say THEY ALSO THOUGHT IT WAS WEDNESDAY HOW COULD IT STILL BE TUESDAY

and that very evening – the evening of TUESDAY – I did an interview to be on this podcast.

So that should be an outstanding interview.

Please check it out!:


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… life. What an absolute trip.

The wind is howling outside and the police sirens are blaring and the tires are spinning because yes it’s already THAT shitty… so Happy Halloween!

Be safe and be scary. 🖤

7 thoughts on “Halloween Then and Now: Weather and Resilience

  1. Me too! I spent SO much time planning and constructing a stupendous Halloween costume every year, and every year failed to remember it was going to have to fit over a snowsuit (with hood).

    Nah, not dressing up this year. Nowhere to go, y’know? Covid still rages here, making me feel cautious. My fully vaxxed sister texts tonight that she’s got it, damn it. Every time I consider easing up…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right????? Isn’t it terrible??? Spend all that time making your costume and then never ever factored in the snow suit. I think we were always hoping it WOULDN’T snow/rain/freeze but… sigh. It always did.

      I hear you about not dressing up and going out, and I’m so sorry to hear about your sister! 😦 I hope she’s okay!! You stay safe and keep safe. Sending hugs to you.


  2. My step-son, who’s in his thirties, also loved She-Ra as a kid and he should dress up as her sometime because that would be awesome. I love picturing you with your glue-gun as a kid putting glitter on your sneakers. You were a trailblazer! But trick-or-treating in the snow sounds rough. Here on the West coast it’s usually pouring, which isn’t much better. Happy Halloween Hillarie. (Nice alliteration there eh?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I love the alliteration!!! Squeeee! Thank you, dear Naomi! I’m not happy to hear that it often pours on the west coast on Halloween but at least you intimately understand the pain. lol Your super wonderful costume is not as super wonderful under a rain slicker and umbrella. YOUR STEP SON SHOULD DEFINITELY DRESS UP LIKE SHE-RA. She was the best. My husband and I recently went back and watched He-Man and She-Ra (the original cartoons) and OH MY CATS HE-MAN is TERRIBLE… She-Ra, on the other hands, stands up pretty well which is why they probably redid the cartoon.

      In any case, HAPPY HALLOWEEN NAOMI! All Caps! :))


  3. I remember ice and sleet and rain on just about every Halloween growing up but I checked the historical weather reports and it’s not actually true. Still, I will keep saying it is.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Growing up on the Northern Prairies, Hallowe’en costumes big enough to fit over a snowsuit or parka were just a fact of life. I think I remember _one_ Hallowe’en that DIDN’T have snow on the ground. Just one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes and how that was smart! My crew and I continued to operate as if weather was not a factor. Clearly none of us were very adaptive as a children. 😂 We’d soon learn. One year I wanted to go as a polar bear in an attempt to incorporate weather into the equation but… I could not find what I needed for that costume at the Baraboo, WI St. Vincent Good will shop.

      It snowed here last year. 🙂 Tonight it’s amazingly decent! 50 degrees F and clear! What fun is that?! 😏😂


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