Happy Halloween, Everyone! The 12th and 13th Monster(s)!

I grew up in the Lutheran church and so today for me is also Reformation Day.

Personally, I enjoy church holidays which celebrate some good old-fashioned breaking from the empire and its church.

I was going to insert some Star Wars characters here but people tend to get testy about religion

so I’ll just let it rest and instead talk about other monsters.

Because it’s also Halloween. There is history behind this holiday too but I tend to simply see it as a time to dress up and feel small and fragile, pressed against the darkness of the sky and the weight of the world.

It’s a good reminder to be the light in the dark.

And it takes all of us shining because there is so much dark.


The other rather serious part of Halloween is how I get to dress up and be scary. When I was a kid, I learned quickly that, in order to survive in this world, you have to learn how to be scary… or appear as if you’re scary.

It’s a form of active protection. People are less likely to mess with you if you appear as if you may return the trouble.

However, the trick is to not ever truly become what you’re only pretending to be.

OMICATS Why Are You Being So Serious Today and Where Are the Monsters

Yeah, sorry, everyone. It’s been a rather trying weekend.

In any case, I wanted to share the 12th and 13th monsters in the Halloween countdown and…. I gotta say… they’re kind of disappointing.

I mean, yesterday’s monster was PENNYWISE.

And, if you can recall, we already HAD Pennywise.


If there’s one thing this world isn’t short on, it’s monsters. So why the creators of the Thirteen Days of Halloween had to dedicate two whole days to the same character… I do not know.

And the HALLOWEEN monster – the THIRTEENTH DAY monster – is…


the twins from The Shining (and Dr. Strange).

I mean, it’s nice to get a two-for but, and it’s probably because of my mood, I didn’t really love to see two little girls with bloodstains on their chests. In the movie(s), they didn’t have any visible bloodstains.

So… boo, a bit excessively gruesome, Countdown.

The final Halloween monster could have been way better too.

How about Tim Curry’s lovelorn demon from Labyrinth?

how adorable would he be as a miniature?

Or… since the Countdown uses more recent characters from the Conjuring universe, The Crooked Man? He could have somehow been manufactured to fold so, when the little window opened, he’d unfold and be tall?

Crooked Man is a bit of a drama queen for sure

But whatever. Two little girls. That’s the finale. That’s fine.


A person moved in downstairs and made her presence known yesterday by blasting club music so loudly the glasses on our living room table shook.

Since we didn’t find a house for Halloween, our goal is to move and find a house for Christmas.

Like in a Hallmark movie.

In any case, hope you’re staying safe and bright and… ideally… scary, just to be safe.

Happy Halloween from my family to you and yours!


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, Everyone! The 12th and 13th Monster(s)!

  1. >:p <—Cute scary monster constructed entirely from the keyboard which WordPress will undoubtedly "correct" (I WISH they would stop "HELPING" me) into a generic emoticon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your costumes! I thought of you when we went to a wedding on Sunday – the officiant was dressed as a Plague Doctor and the bride entered wearing a set of full-sized angel wings! The rings were kept in a little coffin until time for the vows, and there was a life-sized man and lady skeleton, she’s cradling him in her arms and they’re singing “I Got You, Babe”. The whole thing was just a hoot! Anyway, another Halloween on the books – hopefully next year’s will be from a fabulous new home with just the right amount and kind of ghosts 🙂

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  3. Awwwwwwwww! The wedding sounds amazing! Love how the rings were kept in little coffins! And the skeleton couple singing that song! Wowser! So cool Thank you so much, dear Emma. Wishing the spooky couple all the best! And… here’s to hoping next year’s Halloween is exactly how you describe! Stay safe and sending love.


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