The Tale of the Haunted Knight

I’m back on the ghost wagon which is nice because I’m otherwise too exhausted to talk about anything real.

You see that white “fog” above? I saw that in our house one night when I was standing at the sink doing dishes.

NOT EXACTLY LIKE THAT OMFG! 🫣😱 Because if it was like that I’d be typing this to you from the road.

But… something caught my eye to my left as I stood at the sink, washing dishes.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a thin horizontal line of thick “white fog” which was suspended about 5-6 feet above the floor and was moving forward and turning as if it had just floated down the stairs.

It had some body to it in that the white line was thicker in some places and had wisps of white hanging from it.

But, again, I only saw it out of the corner of my eye.

I sharply turned to my left to fully SEE whatever it was but… it had vanished.

But I had seen it so distinctly I couldn’t tell myself I had simply imagined it.

The funny thing about this is how this happened right after my husband pulled a knight off the street.

No, not a real knight.

A metallic knight who is guarding a fireplace poker and brush and whatever else a fireplace needs to maintain itself:

That 👆 isn’t what one expects to see on the street in a rubbish pile. But… we needed a fireplace “set” as this old house came with a fireplace.

So now there is a knight in our bedroom.

Right next to June’s bed and she doesn’t know quite what to think of it.

So, naturally, I suspect the knight is haunted.

It could be a coincidence that I saw SOMETHING the day after we brought knight home…

But when I went upstairs that same night to tuck June in, I thought it was funny she now had a knight next to her so I took a photo.

Well, I took TWO identical photos:

This one:

And this one:

Clearly, the two photos are not identical though I didn’t move and took the photos consecutively.

Naturally, the second photo could easily be a camera glitch.

It could be explained somehow.

But it was still super weird because that rushing white fog looked so similar to that white fog I’d seen earlier that day.

Other odd things have been happening around here and I’ll share them soon. This old house seems to be a little active, after all.

But, beyond the world of the dead, some things have also been happening in the world of this living person’s little life since the last time she/I posted.

Life Transformation


ONE: I started my new job two weeks ago and I learned I’m a state social worker. I hadn’t fully realized that. This involves a tremendous amount of paperwork, knowledge and stress.

I’m also 800 years older than the others as 42 year old people don’t usually start training to be a social worker.

me at work

My trainer is ten years younger than me and she also is the maternal guard of the kids and they refer to her fondly (when not at work) as “Aunt (her name)”.

I found myself hanging out with a couple of these 25 year old co-workers last weekend. I’m not sure if they know just how old I am but, most importantly, I am not sure my old brain can handle the extremely steep learning curve of the job.

Oh well! Everyone is super nice so… I’ll just see if I can pull this job off.

TWO: I also got a car of my own for the first time since 2006.

this is my only picture of my car as it’s me forcing my magnetic phone holder into its narrow vents

My car was so unfamiliar to me on my first day of work as I’d only driven it twice before (one of the times included the test drive). So, when I walked out of work for the first time and looked to the parking lot, I thought someone had stolen my car.

The only car that still was parked there was a grey sedan.

And then… oh yeah. That is my car!

THREE: June Carter Cash still struggles forward. However, she suddenly seems much more interested in other dogs than she previously had been.

“Pets? Treats? Go fuck yourself. I’m here for your dog”, says June.

So we are approved with rescue places again and on the cautious hunt for another dog.

FOUR: Meanwhile, looking down at my swollen hand, I just realized that yesterday I fell hard for the first time in a long time and I don’t quite know what happened and… holy cats, maybe that was a sign of my ALS starting up. The super neurologist told me to tell him know if I started falling down.

Or it could simply be my slippery new shoes (fucking Etnies) and a complete accident which means nothing else but that I was in too much of a rush.

In any case, I sprained a finger and hurt my back but, since everything still worked, I got up and went to work.

My supervisor later found me with an ice pack and sent me home, incredulous that I was there.

I looked up at my trainer as she kindly told me how mad she was at me for not calling in or realizing the training could be rescheduled and thought BUT I HAD A TRAINING SO I HAD TO BE THERE I CANT GET BEHIND IM TOO OLD ILL NEVER CATCH BACK UP

So I’m relentless and destined to burn out…

maybe I can be a social worker.

If the ghosts, nuclear war, Putin, Trump, paperwork, horrible drivers in Milwaukee, or degenerative diseases don’t get me and everyone else first.

Please stay safe out there, everyone.


10 thoughts on “The Tale of the Haunted Knight

  1. My amazing grandma Lila became a social worker in her forties and took up biking too. You’re not alone in reinventing yourself. ❤️ We all believe in you. ✨🎂✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Remember that your “old brain” is packed with juicy life experience those 25 year-olds won’t have until they are 42, and that experience/wisdom will be a great asset to the team. Can’t wait to hear the new haunting stories, though the foggy mist thing gave me goosebumps, so, yeah. Hope you find a good fit for June and the humans soon – it’ll be nice to have a friend your pup!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eek! Goosebumps! Yes! I’m documenting all of this. Nothing too creepy yet but… oh my WORD this old house is noisy!

      And thank you so much. I’ve got that experience for sure. I hope I can apply it and help.😘


  3. Is there something wrong with me that the first thing I thought upon seeing your diminutive knight was,
    “Ooh, good place to stash your hooch?”

    I know a reliable medium. She lives in New York, but (shrug), I dunno, maybe she can help over the phone. I’ll introduce you, if you like. On the face of it, your foggy visitor seems pretty creepy, but don’t jump to conclusions–could be somebody nice. My daughter had one of those.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahahaha hooch knight! 😂

      Thanks so much for the offer to connect. I’ll let you know. 😘 Definitely not jumping to conclusions… we are likely guests in this home! If there are others… withholding judgment for sure. 🖤🫣


  4. You are amazing and they are lucky to have you as a trainee social worker. I totally believe in ghosts so I think that photo looks like an old man in a hat and obviously he is living inside that little suit of knight’s armour and he just wanted to check out his new home by coming down to the kitchen. Hopefully he feels benevolent enough. Also, I hope you wear a medical bracelet with your partner’s phone number on it in case you fall down again. Stay safe out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhh Naomi… you gave me the most lovely visual. 😂 An old man in a hat just checking out the kitchen. Yes! I’ll be kind to him and hopefully he’ll be the same.

      I hope I can do this job! Thank you so much for the support. I’m shadowing on visits and one client asked if I could be on his team which… was nice. I hope I can do good work, help people and not let the paperwork and procedures get me down!

      I do not have a bracelet but I should definitely look into that. 💙


  5. I was 40 when I left midwifery to do my counselling training and was 49 when we met in Edinburgh and I did my masters. Your brain is exceptional, combine that with your big open heart and you’ll rock it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear Anne! xxxx Thanks so much for sharing and for the ongoing support. It was so wonderful to meet you back in Scotland 😘 I’m quite overwhelmed at present but hopefully this drowning feeling dissipates! I hear it gets better and I also hear it doesn’t. 😂

      Love to you! xxx


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