Ghosts and the Mice Among Us

The house hunt continues!

Next up is another weirdo house. Its layout is batty but that’s because it USED TO BE A RESIDENTIAL FACILITY.

I’m sure there isn’t any bad energy left there.

Beyond the hopefully-not-haunted former residential facility we are seeing tonight, I was super excited to go see a house in Racine and that showing had also been scheduled for today.

I was excited because it is super affordable and gorgeous:

…but… then someone made a cash offer last night without any inspection contingency and purchased it instantaneously so…

there went that.

Our realtor asked, “Who has that kind of money? Who are these people?”

our realtor

And I’m like… “PEOPLE have that kind of money. Are you new?”

The human world is a shit show.

It’s weird because our realtor is a realtor and should have a better sense of this.

Regardless, there went that house. Yet, it looks a little like the Amityville house…

… 😬 …


… so maybe it’s good we won’t be seeing it.

Though I’m still sad. Secretly, I don’t want to live in Milwaukee. It’s depressing here. Everyone’s seems so angry and unhappy. I’d also like to be away from people and closer to Lake Michigan and the only way to be closer to Lake Michigan in Milwaukee is if I was a billionaire.

And able to pay for houses using cash.

Also, we are hitting a wall with our Milwaukee apartment.

Beyond the Wild West neighborhood our apartment building sits in, our Milwaukee apartment was infested with mice when we first moved in:

Our Milwaukee landlord then hired exterminators who put poison everywhere, and… we haven’t seen a mouse in about a year.

Until last weekend.

So that was super sad/gross/unacceptable.

And also surprising.

Mostly because

1) we hadn’t seen or heard a mouse in a year

2) we had been actively walking that narrow little pathway between our bed and the laundry baskets all morning and… suddenly… there was a dead mouse right in the middle of that busy path.

I almost stepped on it. ☹️😬

It was just weird to suddenly see a mouse laying dead right there at that time.

David felt it was a bad sign: “You know, like when the mafia leaves a dead animal on your doorstep?”

I’m paraphrasing. But I didn’t feel it was a threat/warning/message.

But… it was super odd for the little creature to stagger out and die so dramatically right in the middle of this active pathway all of a sudden.

At the same time, I’ve never been poisoned (fatally) before so… I guess it can come with surprises.

Our landlord said, “Well, it least it was dead!”


IN ANY CASE, I’ll update you four readers about the former residential facility “house” we are seeing tonight.

Maybe it will be the one.

And maybe it won’t be haunted or have everything wrong with it.


We’re looking for a non-haunted house because our last house was so haunted I wrote a book about it:

(It’s also on Amazon as an e-book

and it’s available as a DIY handmade paperback through

AND there will soon be an audiobook version of the ghostly storybook… I think… which will also be available through Amazon and ACX:

So… maybe living in haunted spaces is good for writing but…

I just want to spend my time with the living while I’m still alive.


Hope you’re all staying safe and sound in these crazy times. Thanks for tuning in. 😘


5 thoughts on “Ghosts and the Mice Among Us

  1. A residential facility sounds perfect for your rooming house idea. It was probably a good place where people healed themselves from whatever trauma life threw at them so the energy is good. I hope it’s the one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fingers crossed! It was apparently a home for transitional youth. Oddly, this is what I desperately wanted to start when I was younger. I got pretty close when I found short-term shelter for LGBTQIA young people of color at my last job… my dream was to create a home for teenagers who had completed their juvenile time but had no home to go to… I have business proposals and budgets and all of it but… now I’m old and I wouldn’t want to even start to take on how messed up Milwaukee is in almost every single way… the red tape would be tough anywhere but HERE?! Wow. It’d be insurmountable as I don’t have enough money to pay off everyone I’d have to pay off.

      I hope it was a good place. I’m going to ask around. Unfortunately, lots of these facilities aren’t the best but… hopefully this was the exception and healing did happen there. ❤ Hugs to you!


  2. And maybe you’ll find a nice little stash under a loose floorboard and it will be enough for a few months’ mortgage payments! :::blink:::blink:::creepy smile:::.

    I do like it. Not as much as the Amityville stand in–I think part of what I liked about that one is all the open space around it. You could take deep breaths in that house.

    A young couple bought my parents’ extremely nice house in Florida for cash. My brother had reason to stop by soon after. Soldier of Fortune magazines all over the place. I don’t wish to jump to conclusions, but, um, yeah.

    Mice. Oi. My daughter’s first house became overRUN with mice (who also brought fleas, bleh :p). Mostly because of her unwillingness to use chemical means. We found one deceased mouse behind a plug cover with brains exploded out of its head from biting the wrong wire (Hey yall, watch thisszzZOT). MouseProof did the trick, finally. Most of ’em made it out of the house before kicking the bucket. Well, one little guy almost made it. We found his drippy little corpse draped over an electrical cord just two feet from the back door.

    Sorry I’ve been absent. My computer is maybe, probably, mostly dead. I’m on Joel’s right now. (I hate his computer.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh honey! So sorry about the computer issues! ☹️

      And oh oh oh oh these young couples who are able to buy houses with cash! It’s… a sign of the times. Soldier of Fortune mags… sigh. 🙁 But… happy for your parents! Damn!

      Oof! Mice! Sigh. Chemicals are harsh, it’s true. I don’t blame your daughter. But ELECTROCUTED MOUSE! Eeeeek! Mouse Proof? Yeah. Whatever the landlord’s exterminator uses has done the trick… just the one… who dramatically died. 😬😵‍💫

      Hugs to you! No Amityville house for us but I recently gave this Simon and Garfunkel’s piano book (a favorite of mine) to an older woman who was selling her home (my husband and I had fallen in love with her home but our realtor didn’t have time to make an offer on it so… 💔😞) but I mostly just love the owner of the home and she was moving to a senior facility and had a baby grand piano but an electric piano in the basement which she was bringing with her and…had given all her piano books away… so now she at least has one.

      And she loves Simon and Garfunkel.

      Hugs to you!!!! Hope you’re staying safe in this crazy weather!!!


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