Tired (Wild Animals Screaming into an Invisible Mic)

I’ve been running in place for ten years.

And I just realized it.

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In books, I sometimes see authors compare “a cake walk” to playing the old board game Candy Land. As in, both are smooth/easy/no problem.


Candy Land is in fact a brutal board game.

Now that I think of it… cake walks aren’t that safe either. But I only feel this way because I witnessed proof of this years ago. We had a cake walk as part of my grade school’s “Fun Night,” which always fell on a Monday night for some reason, and a cake walk was set up inside the “Challenge Room,” (yes, this was a real thing and I never even questioned it ugh ) but, anyways, the cake walk… you can’t lose, right?

Oh. You can lose.

You can get stuck with one of the gross cakes.

Sometimes someone may step on the step that meant they got a cake they DID NOT WANT and then they may throw a GIGANTIC FIT and… then they accidentally hit you in the head and parents may get involved and… even cake walks don’t always live up to their reputation.

But back to Candy Land. 😩

I know the game was invented for sick kids as a way to cheer them and, when I was a kid, I loved to play the game.

This is just one more way in which becoming an adult ruins everything.

Because I played Candy Land as an adult ten years ago when I came upon all my family’s old board games and I almost broke down in tears when I got all the way to the happy little house only to select a PEPPERMINT STICK FOREST CARD and, thus, had to, for no real reason, GO ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING AGAIN.

Candy Land is so upsetting.

I was unemployed at that time, too. It was like playing one big life metaphor.

I’m hoping I could handle Candy Land better now.

I also just realized after I borrowed the photo above from an eBay post advertising this game that the Candy Land version I had was the one from 1978 and is really worth something.

And, after looking for it, I realized that this game is not with my other games and, therefore, I don’t own it now.And now I’m wondering who I gave that to after my parents died and I was desperately trying to empty their rental house…

Not that I would break into this person’s house and steal the game back or anything…

Like it was the apocalypse and society was crumbling around me…

or anything.

No, of course not.









When in moods like this, it is best to turn to my old PC and trick it into opening Microsoft Paint and then express some base truths which calm me:

2 thoughts on “Tired (Wild Animals Screaming into an Invisible Mic)

  1. When I worked in Pediatrics, I became so sick of playing Candyland that I made up my own. A 5 yr old had both legs broken in an auto accident and was immobile and she LOVED Candyland! So I came up with “HospitalLand”, referring to our unit and staff, and she had tasks to perform to get to the end. She absolutely loved it and her father thought I should market it. Nah, that’s not me!

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