Hi there!

I’m an epileptic who writes this blog to provide other epileptics and similar  traumatized survivor-types with an example of someone else who is coping with similar shit.

Also, I’ve never read a funny blog written by an epileptic that spoke to me. So, as an only child, I just write this blog, rant a lot, and thereby give myself a way to talk to myself in a more adult and semi-organized-looking way.

But, hopefully, by doing so, I will reach others like me… and, if that happens, I will have confirmed that there are others like me out there omfg.



I composed a collection of spooky, touching, funny stories which can be found in my ghostly storybook:

The Bank Doesn’t Care if Your House Is Haunted: A Ghostly Storybook

When Hillarie Higgins and her husband unknowingly find their first home is haunted, it sets off a chain of life-altering and tragic events that can only be managed using perspective, resilience, and a deliciously dark sense of humor. The Bank Doesn’t Care If Your House Is Haunted is a spooky, irreverent, and touching storybook that demonstrates how it doesn’t matter what personal devastation or paranormal activity you’re actively trying to survive in your life as, at the end of the month, you’re still expected to pay your mortgage.

The audio version of my book is available through ACX on iTunes and Amazon for $6.95:


while the book is available as a digital copy:

and as a hardcover, tangible real DIY book: which my husband and I hand-make here in our little apartment and can be in your home for the price of $10 plus the cost of shipping:

To purchase a tangible storybook, message me or else place an order at:


Microsoft Paint Digital Illustration Prints

Also, if you like any of the Microsoft Paint illustrations in my blog…

Madison Bird Community Meeting

Demon with Histrionic Personality Disorder
Fly with Big Plans
Technical Issues
Crooked Man, Fashionista

… and would like to purchase a print, just let me know (message me) and… it will be transactionally yours✨.

The prints are 8 x 10 and printed on gloss photo paper, $10 each or 2 for $15.

Thanks so much! 🖤