My Final Blog Post…?

Hello to anyone reading this blog and who has perhaps even read other blog posts! Hello hello hello!

I’ve started a Real Job. It’s the first time I’ve worked for

a) not a cause

b) not an educational establishment

and c) for a for-profit start-up which essentially benefits the wealthy.

It’s making me feel a bit crazy.

But, after working three days at this place which has a super small staff of very nice, very stressed-out people, I can feel neuronal pathways being forged as I attempt to comprehensively understand the universe of this position.

I am assisting the person who… created the company and who… isn’t the money behind the company and who… is operating at 150% and “desperately” needs help.

Also, I came in on a Friday and just before this person I am to assist who does everything took off for two days.

But she understands she is absolutely integral to the business so she isn’t really “off” at all and reads all her emails and… essentially does her job remotely.

I hope to help change this but… again, today was my third day.

Yet, I feel a now-dusty, rarely-used-in-the-last-couple-years capability… I can feel sparks being emitted from my brain… these have been documented (see former posts about all my excess abnormal brain electricity which I romanticize).

So… all my brain energy is being dedicated to this new job.

Thus, my writing is on the back burner for now and the near-future but I hope to eventually get back to posting.

But, in case you keep track, there won’t be a blog for the next few weeks at least.

In any case, I leave you with a ghost story because my friend Jesse sent me a MSN story about how these gigantic mansions and castles which are haunted are also for sale (he noted that “ghosts are expensive” because you’d be paying millions of dollars to just go… be haunted… so… I guess a lot of people haven’t had the experience as it can be annoying/scary/ridiculous.

But! I’ve lived in more than one haunted house and I don’t see it as being a selling point whatsoever.

In fact, I wrote a ghostly storybook about the single house we owned which is on my husband’s website and… someone I don’t know weirdly just bought a copy last Sunday (I think it was a realtor as we are looking at houses and going to open houses) and… that’s WONDERFUL but we DIY print and bind these little books and, at the end of the day, I just don’t have it in me right now.

But I will find the time to print and bind it by the end of this week. If anyone else would like to purchase a copy, please let me know as we’ll be making five copies. It can be found, again, in my artist husband’s shop:

So… curiously, as I am slowly, tiredly, looking for the file to print the book… I came upon a story I didn’t include in the storybook. Thus, tonight, I’ll close it with this short little ghost story. Context: I was taking care of my beautiful mother who was in her final stage of frontotemporal degeneration (FTD), a fatal form of early-onset dementia. She lived in our haunted house and this is just one of many ghost stories that occurred in the five years we lived there:


Ah the old house confuses yet another!

The medical equipment company came to exchange my mom’s oxygen concentrator and, when turning it on, the machine emitted the ear-piercing beep they all do to say, “Hello!”

But this machine kept making the noise (which means something isn’t right).

So the tech stood there looking at it and I looked at him.

He was confused because he had tested it at the shop and it worked fine. I asked if the water bottle was maybe not screwed on straight but he pointed to the furiously bubbling water to show that it was and replied: “It wouldn’t be doing that otherwise.”

A few minutes passed. He seemed pretty confused and said he had another one in the truck…and then he noticed we hadn’t plugged it in!

“Oh! That’s it!” I laughed.

But he looked at me with this odd expression and pointed again at the bubbling water.

I tried to help him as perhaps he didn’t live in a haunted house and all this was new for him: “Maybe it had enough…energy…stored up…from when I tested it?”

But even I knew that it shouldn’t have started and kept on bubbling for four minutes without electricity.

So he looked a little spooked and not convinced. I don’t technically know all there is to know about the machines so I couldn’t explain it. All I could say was: “Weird stuff always happens here. Meh.”

This concentrator is better and that’s all that matters. But his face…haha! 😱

The moral of the story? Don’t live in a haunted house if you can help it.

Goodbye for now, readers! Sending lots of love! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hope you all stay safe and well until we meet again.


19 thoughts on “My Final Blog Post…?

    1. It’s been killing me. 🥺 Had a really really bad day on my first day which… made me doubt I was going back (that Friday in particular was a terrible day to start, I’ve been told and agree with) But… fingers crossed my dear BBF. Love you! 🖤


  1. Good luck in your new job!!! I don’t know you and I can’t even remember how I stumbled onto your blog but being from Minnesota and having 4 daughters about your age, I have been rooting for you and sending motherly vibes this past year!! Be kind to yourself always! You got this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwww sending love to you! Thanks so much for stumbling upon my old blog! Hopefully just a break and not the final end but… either way, thank you so much for sending the motherly vibes! I felt them! Your daughters are lucky to have you! 🥰😘💪


  2. Wow, WOW, WWWOWWW!!!
    Eeeee!!! <–Lisa's squeal of joy…
    I am so proud for you. And happy. And everything wonderful.
    Come back and tell us little bits here and there when you can.

    This is so awesome to hear, and am SO happy for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww thank you dear Lisa! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘I’ll see when I can get the energy back. I wouldn’t want to completely disconnect from my amazing artistic friends like you who I’ve made through this blog. 😘🖤🖤🖤


    1. Congratulations on the job 💓 I hope you enjoy it. I have lived in a haunted house too, it only really freaked me out once though. Sending lots of love. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much, dear! 🥰 Oh! Then you know how haunted can be! Honestly, our house only truly freaked us out once too… I wrote a post about it on here titled “The Crash”. Sending love right back! xxx


  3. Congratulations on your exciting new job. It sounds like they really need your expertise. I will miss your blog posts, but I will survive. Hope to read you sometime in the future. You always make me smile. XO

    Liked by 1 person

  4. YAY for the new job. Congratulations. But I’ll really miss your blogs. It’s such a blast of wonderfulness in a world of grey. Haste ye back. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw! That’s so wonderful to hear, dear Hestie. 😘 I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at present but hopefully I’ll wrap my brain around the new position 🤪 and get back to old Brain Wars. 😘 I woke up thinking about scheduling jobs with the tightness in my chest. 😂 Hugs to you! xxx


  5. Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾🎊!!! I’m so happy for you. I will miss your musings/stories/writing.
    I don’t know how I found you either, but I kept reading because of my ex who had seizures on the regular. He too had multiple health issues and you always helped me keep it all in perspective.
    Return as you can. We will all be waiting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw! My heart goes out to your ex and also to you as being the former “caregiver” or attendant because that is also so tough, especially when it comes to seizures.

      Hearing from you is great… I don’t often have a sense of who is reading so it’s so wonderful to hear from you and get this feedback.

      If I crash and burn at this job (it’s been verbally stated on more than one occasion that I’ve been “thrown into the deep end” and… it’s so very true but so far I’m still swimming. 😂

      Yet! Who knows what next week will bring! 🖤 I’ll be back either way! Thank you so much! 😘


    2. Did I not respond to you, Tracy???!!! Your comment made my day when I read it and its impact extended to making me inevitably returning to blog! Thank you so much. Your comment was just… well, it made me return. What can I say. Thank you so much again (my brain is dead after my work day so I’ll just keep repeating). I can’t imagine having seizures on the regular (though I had a stint in Pittsburgh of just that) and then… other health issues on top of it… though I do have an understanding of the toll of a caregiver who does what they can to support their person through it all. Sending so much love.


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