The World Seems to Have an Attitude Problem

2020 has been shit.

We’re all aware of this. It’s the one reality we all share. No matter who you are, you have been affected by coronavirus in some horrible way.

And it’s going to continue into 2021 but at least it won’t be 2020.

No, it will be something else. The same shit in a different coat but different just the same.

However, having media tell everyone Christmas is cancelled in Britain is just… really fucking negative.

Has no one seen the Grinch?

It’s like the Grinch is COVID.


And it feels like sooooooooooooooooo many people are playing the role of Grinch.

“I hate you and everyone.” – Everyone


“Fuck you, what about me.” – More People This Year Than Feels Normal

But you can’t cancel CHRISTMAS.

It’s a seriously fucked up Christmas, no doubt. We aren’t supposed to be with loved ones outside our households without taking serious precautions so many of us are spending the holiday alone or with whomever we (gross) live with.

However, unlike the Whoos in Whooville, we also can’t go outside to hold the hands of our neighbors and sing Fah-who foris, dah-who doris like crazy people because we aren’t supposed to touch others.

And, in our neighborhood, if I went outside and started singing nonsense I’d be shot for certain.

Furthermore, I’m almost positive one of our neighbors is the perpetrator of the hit and run I was involved in last week as their car is the same model and shade of blue as that of the car who hit me and they apparently also removed the license plates from their car last week, a couple days after the accident,…

and that is rather suspicious.

But I don’t know for sure that they did it and, in Milwaukee, you file your own crash report so it’s not like I can call the officer who filed my report to investigate further.

Therefore, I’m quite upset about it, sipping my coffee and staring out my window at that blue car with its damaged right driver’s side, scheming, thinking dark thoughts…


In any case, there isn’t a lot of hope that I’ll be singing and holding hands with that neighbor when Christmas comes.

Regardless, my husband zip-tied our car back together and then did more extreme Frankensteining and I just found out that its water pump needs to be replaced so

our car is doing better than most of us.

Realizing we weren’t feeling very Christmasy, my husband and I finally got our $30 Christmas tree at the last minute.

we definitely could have stolen this tree as it was outside the grocery store and it took twenty minutes until we found someone inside the grocery store who even knew that they were selling Christmas trees outside but… principles…

I also bought two bottles of Korbel.

Christmas has slowly started to shape…

Furthermore, I’ve been asked to host the live stream chat forum for my church for its Christmas Eve services so I won’t be drinking the Korbel until after church. Also, Jesus is the reason for the season, you heathens.

My husband and I may even turn the heat on.

Because damnit it’s Christmas. And no matter how awful and sad and terrible and lonely and isolating and heartbreaking this year has been… Christmas goes on with or without us.

Just like life.

So, even if we’re apart from those we love – temporarily or permanently – we can still hold the magic of Christmas in our hearts and know it’s going on no matter what.

Because we have absolutely no control over anything.

In the words of my mother-in-law who, in response to my comment that “this week has to be better than the hellhole which was last week”, said:

“Of course this week will be better. It’s Christmas week.”


Therefore, if you don’t give a shit about Christmas, or if you’re stuck at home without any other living organisms, consider turning to your lamp (or some other stationary inanimate object)

to say, “Turn it up. It’s flipping Christmas.”

And maybe they will.

Or maybe you’ll have to do it yourself but… find a way to turn it up.

Because it’s Christmas.

Merry Day, happy holidays and peace and good will to everyone.

Even to our piece of shit neighbor who hit me last Monday. 🖤

9 thoughts on “The World Seems to Have an Attitude Problem

  1. Hope your week isn’t a hellhole and that your inner Who beats out your inner Grinch on Christmas. Remember, it comes without ribbons, it comes without tags, it comes without packages, boxes or bags. A little roast beast to wash down with that Korbel, sounds like a fine way to celebrate the season!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee hee yes! A simple, lovely holiday… live stream church, music and Korbel by the screen saver fireplace. 🖤 Hugs and love. Hope your holiday is safe and healthy and warm and maybe even a little magical.


  2. I put a string of white lights in my kitchen every winter to cheer me up, but this year I went all out and got two miniature white light trees in my living room. They are bright enough to stave off SADS which affects me every year during this dark season. I am celebrating Xmas with gravy this year. It’s the only day of the year I make a packet of store bought gravy for my chicken dinner with hubs, just the two of us. If I find a lonely person between now and then, I will invite them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwww you’re so kind. Sending so much love! I also put up white lights and replace all the rainbow and red lights after Christmas to represent winter light. Helps to stave off the darkness within. Hugs hugs hugs hugs.


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