Where Are the Lambs, March?

March marches in like a lion and departs like a lamb.

That’s what I was taught in school as a kid and March 2022 has not disappointed in the lion department

but I’m not sure it’s going to morph into a lamb any time soon.

In any case, yesterday I left my job in art logistics and operations and next week I start my new job as Care Manager for a little organization called Life Navigators.

And, since I’m going to be driving to do home visits everywhere, the husband and I have decided to get a new (used) and/or additional car as ours is on its last legs.

But our car still looks mean which is all that matters.

But not as mean as this car which is parked outside our house right now:

I haven’t had my own car since 2006 so I’m super excited about the prospect.

My last car was a 1986 Toyota Camry which I got for free from a comrade in the Madison punk music/activist scene and I’ve lately realized that… I hate all modern cars.

They’re too big and they’re all bubble-shaped.

They’re not small and boxy like my beloved Camry.

It’s probably not practical to pay money to buy a 1980s Toyota with 300K miles.

So… we will see what happens.

A very first world problem.

As far as a June Carter Cash update, she has experienced some setbacks and it’s clear we aren’t going to meet the at-3-Months-the-Traumatized-Rescue-Dog-Will-Be-Golden benchmark.

So we are going to start socializing her with choice other dogs to see if she seems less terrified with some of them.

And, if she does, I’m going to really push getting another dog. I have candidates all lined up:

“Leto”, a Grand Pyrenees mix

“Ricky”, a Rotty

“Sweetness”, a Tahitian Mastiff

I’d take all three of those dogs 👆 right this minute.

Or else… I’m going to talk to the vet about getting June on some anti-anxiety drugs.

Because life doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems for the little dog.

Yet, she is progressing in her awkward way and it was somewhat validating to hear that her brother Merle Haggard (now “Bentley”)

who was adopted 2.5 months before we adopted June has also apparently had a lot of issues in the Terror department.

His human recently told me that when they brought him home he was “terrified of everything” and still refuses to be leashed or do walks.

But he loves to freely roam outside in their yard.

So… it’s a very nervous, traumatized family of dogs which need a lot of patience and time.

I can promise patience but none of us can promise time… though we can hope we have it.

So we’ll continue to work with June, who now is comfortable enough to shed everywhere.

She didn’t used to shed much at all.

So that’s…nice? Like… she’s relaxed enough to release all her hair? Or… she is that much more terrified and her hair is all falling out?

All I know is that I can no longer do my exercises on the carpet because I’ll soon be blanketed with dog hair and this is after I vacuumed.

Sigh. At least bombs aren’t falling on our house.


Hope you’re all safe and experiencing some of the lamb March is supposed to deliver!

Because changes are certainly afoot!

Keeping my wits about me in this crazy violent world… hope you are able to do the same. 🖤

9 thoughts on “Where Are the Lambs, March?

  1. Yes March has been full of change for me too and I just realized that my nerves are a little frazzled because my hands are shaking this morning for no good reason. We just moved for the 2nd time in 5 months so that’s probably it. We love our new place but it’s a lot of change in a short time. I also have an anxious cat. She still wont let my husband pet her after 8 years! She is a lesbian and she only loves me and my two lesbian friends who came over yesterday. It was the first time she stayed in the room with any visitors so there’s your proof. I think getting another dog is a great idea. I love Leto’s face. Good luck with the new car.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my! Moving is such horrendous and exhausting work! And to do it essentially right after you just do it… oof. I can see why your hands are shaking!☹️ I hope you can recover a bit and fully enjoy your new home!

      Having a semi-militant LGBTQIA+ cat definitely seems to have demonstrated her preference with being uncharacteristically social! 😂😘 Aw. And… we will see how June reacts to my select dogs! She has largely seemed very “meh” about other dogs but we will see! 😘 Hope you get some rest! 💙


  2. Haven’t tried it! We used “Quiet Moments” with our last dog and this one and it seems to work okay but, when June is TERRIFIED (which is often), she isn’t up for eating anything so oral drops could be great. I’ll check them out! Thank you!

    June has had a serious setback this last week. She just seems TERRIFIED of us if we leave and come back to the house. She is suddenly scared to go outside and won’t and will, instead, before our very eyes, do her business on our floor inside. Or when we approach her to put her leash on to get outside. 🥺

    I mean, she’s bonded to us both. She whines when I leave the room but… most of the things that were working… have stopped working. ☹️ All of a sudden. Sooooo I’ll definitely try this!!!


  3. If she’s not amenable to taking it orally, there’s evidence that it can be effective when massaged into the skin inside the ears. My experience with Rescue Remedy for people is that it didn’t make the panic go away so much as take it down to a bearable level. Anyway, definitely worth a shot. That giant photo above is supposed to be a link, by the way.

    I wonder what frightened her. Makes me wish you had a surveillance camera. So many options, from Ring to critter cams, but Lumi or some other baby video monitor was my first thought (being as I’m granny nannying these days). I’d be suspicious of the weird neighbor before casting aspersions upon your poor ghosts.

    Ach, poor June. Poor YOU. Keep us posted, please.


    1. I wrote the longest reply to this but my stupid phone just freaked out. I think it’s her lack of socialization (plus her chronic anxiety). So today we took her OUT! She met a few dogs and it was really positive! We haven’t been able to take her outside to sit before due to the weather and COVID.
      We came home To find both the front door and the back door unlocked… the front door was unlocked (its deadbolt was locked but the lock of the front door is usually locked too) so that was weird and then we opened the front door and saw that the back door which is our main door was wide open. There is no way that Door would have been wide open as it does not blow open with the wind or anything. In fact, before we left, I did not lock the deadbolt (apparently) but I did try to open the back door as I wanted to put some thing inside it before we left and it wouldn’t budge because it was locked (I was to lazy to unlock it). However, nothing was disturbed and there’s no one in our house but it definitely gave us a creepy feeling and we are seriously now activating the security system.

      Soooooooooooo I’m still not completely convinced June’s setbacks have NOT been due to… unexplained activity. ☹️

      I’ve started as a trainee social worker so I haven’t posted a blog in a couple weeks but… hopefully soooooooon! Updates to come!! Thank you so much, Lisa! 😘


    1. Haha thanks Lisa! Nooooo… we still need to change the clocks… I know it’s CRAZY we haven’t done that yet. It’s step ONE.

      But we will. Hugs hugs hugs to yooooooou! Hope to be creating another post sometime soon but… GAK! New work new hours!


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