Redundantly, What’s the Point?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who at times wonders:

I just got home from private communion as I don’t attend the church services because, despite precautions taken by my church, it’s just indoors in a crowd and all this singing and talking and…

I’m not someone who seeks out crowds to start with. So once scientists started providing evidence that people were transmitting coronavirus and it wasn’t looking good… I started to see people as The Enemy.

I know that’s not positive and that’s probably the beginner level to “Becoming a Violent Hermit Who Lives in the Woods” but it does make going out in public a little more fun.

I’ve long been terrified of the plague. Albert Camus’s book The Plague really left a mark on me when I was a teenager.

I realize that coronavirus is not the plague but… if you pretend it is, you’ll really not come into contact with people too often.

And I enjoy looking at groups of people dining outside really close to other groups dining outside in absolute horror as I drive by.

Because I am an informed and contributing member of society.

I also dropped my genetic spit kit

into a FedEx box today. I hesitated because I seem to hesitate before I do anything these days but I did so today because the FedEx deposit box said not to put any toxic materials inside of it.

So I looked down at my package which contained my cheek swabs and really hoped I was not depositing toxic materials.

It takes a month or more to get the results of the genetic tests so I’ll just put it out of my mind or else I’ll surely go mad with anxiety before September arrives.

And then, some day in September, I’ll be surprised when the Men in Black are knocking at our front door because my genetic tests had revealed very surprising things which compromised international security.

Then I will know that earthly science had finally caught up to me.

With this sudden turn of events, hopefully my space people will then swoop down from the sky and rescue me from the government workers.

It’s these weird little fantasies which keep me going each day. This morning I again woke at 5AM but, instead of the cause being violent, drunk, angry people who were outside but who sounded like they were inside because our apartment walls are more… decorative… like yesterday morning, this morning at 5AM I awoke for no particular reason and saw a bright, still light in the sky.

I stared out my bedroom window pretty often at night and knew for a fact that light wasn’t usually there.

And it was highly unlikely the moon had managed to shrink itself or our bedroom had been cast millions of miles into space so the moon only appeared smaller.

Also, the moon wouldn’t have been in that location in the sky at that time in the morning but I didn’t know it was that time in the morning so off went my imagination.

But, no, this was likely some other celestial body. Probably a planet of some sort.

Yet, I allowed myself to think that it was my space people, just hanging out in the sky, checking in to make sure I was still alive because our reunion was coming up.

Turns out it was probably Venus.

In any case, the point of it all right now could be to make it to my alien reunion party.

There are always going to be really rough times. Super bad days. Super bad weeks.

And so, sometimes when the pile of shit is really getting tall, when looking for the energy to continue shoveling, it’s best to invent reasons when the real ones ring hollow.

Thus, for the 18 millionth time, here is a happy little remix that lifts my spirit when it’s where it’s at presently, and, if you have or haven’t heard it before, I hope you enjoy it:

Hold on.

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