Hell Today

I’m not sure if anyone else thinks “Have I gone too far?” as much as I do in regard to really insignificantly small actions.

But I do enjoy the thought of my former keyboard’s space bar being in the ninth circle of hell.

I never let my inability to draw hold me back either.

Yeah, I’m memorializing a space bar I used to know who is now surely in hell as part of a writing project.

And hell is on my mind because it’s really spooky outside:

And it’s 92 degrees indoors at present.

And, despite the weather, the neighborhood ice cream cart guy is out and he is ringing his ice cream bell like it’s his last chance to do so.

And, given today’s response from the neighbors, it may very well be his last chance to do so because that bell-ringing plus the crazy hot day plus the angry sky has people round here on edge.

Definitely an iced coffee day.

And I don’t mean that’s what I’m going to order when I skip off to the coffee shop because it’s the plague, 400 degrees outside and there is a small riot forming outside.

No, it being an iced coffee day simply means that we put the coffee pot in the fridge after it cools.

I pour my coffee quickly because our kitchen is in the outer realm of our apartment.

In other words, the “hot zone”.

And that’s fine as I’m in the inner sanctum which is defined as the area in our apartment which is behind the makeshift curtain we’ve strung up to keep the cool air being spit out by our little window air conditioner in this segregated, sacred space.

So when I have to leave this room to enter the bathroom or to get a drink from the kitchen, I pretend it’s like living in a house with an outdoor toilet because of the extreme shift in environment once you lift the curtain and enter the Hot Zone.

That makes going to the bathroom more exciting somehow so I psyche myself up for it.


“Here we go here we go here we go entering the HOT ZONE shirt OFF shoes OFF hair UP breathe hoot hoot hoot!”

And I pretend because I’m an excitable only child who is alone and that’s how I get from day to day: mundane, hyperactive pretending.

In any case, I’m grateful to be indoors. Though I’ll surely have walking pneumonia due to the extreme shift in temperature between this room and the other rooms.

Therefore, I’m also grateful for my present tentative health.

And now the storm has unleashed itself and all is silent except for the thunder and rain.

My epilepsy sits up inside my head when it hears the lightning crash and wonders whether it should pursue a sky-based career and take its electricity elsewhere.

I sit very still when I can feel Epilepsy pondering such things in hope that it will someday just jump out of my brain and go occupy some other space like the sky.

But I know my brain electricity doesn’t have the self-confidence to switch careers at this point in the game.

In any case, I’m counting my blessings and listening to LCD Soundsystem as it’s one of those days where you wake up and just know it’s going to be unnecessarily rough for both every and no particular reason.

I also slept late which is something I don’t do. Always a bad sign.

And we — humanity — recently lost both John Lewis and C.T. Vivian, both men being standout voices and activists for freedom, equality and voting rights.

A fight which goes on.

The people who don’t respect what Lewis and Vivian did are likely the same people who feel that masks are infringing on their own personal rights.

This comes from a dark and wrong place, but for those who feel being required to wear a mask is a form of oppression maybe should go visit my old friend Space Bar.

In any case, I’m clearly not in a good space when I’m relishing the thought of office equipment and other people in hell.


But I really really really really really dislike people and objects who/which make things worse.

When things are already bad.

And then they make the concerted effort to make things worse and it makes me so upset.

Therefore, since I’m already keeping myself away from other people for their sake and mine, there’s nothing to do but create shitty Microsoft Paint drawings, write, listen to “This Is Happening” for the millionth time, focus on avoiding the Hot Zone and treasuring the lightning storm which is raging outside.

Stay safe, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Hell Today

    1. Bahahahaha nope. I disagree. Space bar in hell. It pleases my lesioned brain more than it should but, hey, I have a lesioned brain. 😀 Mostly because there is no way a space bar has a soul. I draw the line at office equipment. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I don’t feel they qualify as office equipment, G, but I know some holiday-oriented office workers would likely strongly disagree with me on that. And, hell, I can’t look into the eyes of a little snow person in a snow globe and tell it it does not have a soul. Nope, souls for everyone!


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