The Bank Doesn’t Care If Your House Is Haunted

Hey Brain Wars Subscribers!

Shameless self-promotion time. This WordPress blog is a free account as I don’t have the extra $ to invest and therefore it’s AD FREE but I also like to eat food.

Therefore, if you haven’t before, please check out my ghostly storybook The Bank Doesn’t Care If Your House Is Haunted.

What’s it about?

Well, it’s a reminder that, even if you feel your little world is crashing down around you, neither ghosts, the bank or the world outside care.

And that’s okay because

banks suck,

ghosts are dead and just jealous and

the only world outside that matters involves the people who love you, dogs, cows, birds and trees.

And the people who love you care and so do dogs.

Any dog cares about you.

Saying all that, it’s also a touching, feel-good kind of book and who doesn’t want to feel good? 😺

So buy my book! It’s on Amazon for essentially nothing (literally free if you have Kindle Unlimited):

It’s also available as a cute little “real” book with tangible pages that you turn which is hand-bound right here in our dodgy apartment:

The hard copy of my book is available through Etsy for now:

Or simply contact me directly and cut out Etsy/the quickly-becoming-a-corrupt-corporate-middle person:

Thanks! Stay safe!


Demented Microsoft Paint illustration prints also for sale!


Though, for the record:

a truth sung by the man who greatly enjoyed/depended on the material benefits of having a relationship with the maffia

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