Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

“Peace and love.”

Easy to say but super difficult to feel.

Yet, while I’m super tired out from an especially hellish month of work

and also family drama and other life stuff…

… I’m still doing my best to channel George Michael and hold on to some Christmas cheer.


As such, I’m making a list of goals:


1. Don’t complain about work unless it’s presented in a super clever, funny way that doesn’t make everyone else look sad and awkward

2. Don’t get lazy and selfish and abandon COVID protocol, endangering my elderly in-laws, because I am personally “so over COVID and just want to have a good time”.

3. Find a sleigh and get into it.

4. Find a musical Christmas choir and execute the “music is medicine” plan

5. Drink just enough alcohol to almost relax but not more than that which will affect my ability to host my church’s virtual Christmas Eve service.

While I can’t say that would definitely get me into hell, being drunk and hosting church does feel like it would be at least mentioned at a Biblical Judgement Day.

Jesus would be all smh.

6. Stay hydrated. I drink my body weight in water every day and need to maintain this or I will turn to ash.

And oh my cats I can’t even think about the drama that would cause.

7. Genuinely feel at least two emotions.

SO I’m sticking to my list of how to get through this weekend without feeling

a. suicidal

b. on the brink of mental and physical collapse


c. evil.

Maybe the list can help you too.

Though finding a sleigh could be a tough one.

There are sleigh rides where we are going tonight but there isn’t any snow so the cynic in me wants to see how they’re going to pull this off but…

That’s not the helpful kind of thinking.

Presently, I’m refusing to get out of bed this morning because it’s the first morning in a very long time I’ve had this as an option.

And maybe I won’t get out of bed so I don’t have to fake cheer and then I’ll just skip the whole holiday.

And host church from bed on Christmas Eve and see no one.

That plan right now sounds so appealing I have to consciously stop thinking about it. I have bags to pack and booze and a poinsettia to buy and that cannot be done from bed.

In any case, hope you feel warm and safe, regardless of how you celebrate the holiday.

I’m closing this with a nice song that has a video which makes me grimace so I’ll just include the fireplace video with song overlay.

Merry and bright. 💙

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

  1. I like your plan and will borrow those items that seems helpful. There will be snow on the mountain pass as we drive to Bumf*#k, WA tomorrow, but sadly, we’ll be in a rented Tahoe, no sleigh 😦 And I know #5 will be integral to my holiday success, though I am not in charge of any religious activities, thankfully. This may or may not prevent Jesus from shaking his head over me anyway. One way or the other, Christmas is going down and we’re just going to have to make the best of it. Happy holidays to you and yours, Hillarie!

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    1. Oh my word, Emma, you’ve made my Christmas with this response. 😂 Bumf*#k, WA WILL have snow but ooof be careful on those mountain passes… though I think a Tahoe completely qualifies as a sleigh. Better than a sleigh, really, as it moves, which is more than the West Bend, WI sleighs will be doing tonight.😂

      TO MAKING THE BEST OF IT! 🥂(I’m raising my coffee mug to you) Happy holidays to you and yours, dear! 💙


  2. I made cookies today because I wanted to eat cookies. Merry Christmas, me.

    So, what’s the scoop on the snow-free sleigh? (I’m imagining it either on a dolly behind a tow truck, or perched on sturdy roller-skates, the old fashioned not-boot kind attached with straps and a skate key.) In any case, I hope you took a sleigh ride, had so much fun, and drank a slightly excessive quantity of something high-octane.

    Buon Natale!

    PS. Now I have a Melanie ear worm.
    Here. You can have it…

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    1. Aw. Love that you made cookies! Go you! Sounds lovely. I made mulled wine because I wanted some. 🥰

      No sleigh ride and no family Christmas as discussed because… my husband’s father had a violent mental breakdown (id say it’s undiagnosed bipolar now exacerbated by undiagnosed dementia) while we were out at the handbell choir and lights show with the mom-in-law (she had a great time and the night was lovely) but then we came back to… a scene which required a call to police which I didn’t make because I couldn’t put someone in jail for Christmas. We then grabbed our things and returned to our new home and just… had Christmas here. This week’s blog will be a bit brighter in my recap as I’m now just… still a bit stunned and traumatized like my husband.

      So today I have taken all the Christmas stuff down except for the tree… now “naked” except for white lights and the “angels” at the top and the outdoor lights. Usually I keep all the shit up through at least Epiphany but… this year… Christmas was traumatic and needed to disappear from sight.

      Phew! Christmas is better than all this. It lives in our hearts. Jesus’ birthday. Love to you dear Lisa.


    1. She is. 😔 We asked her to come with us as we were being screamed at and kicked out but she was unwilling to leave. We sat outside in our car and kept trying to get her to come with. But… she stayed. There have been many phone calls since and action plans devised. Between you and me and the world wide web, things will get worse before they get better but we’ve now hit ground bottom so… only way to go is up.

      Thank you so much, dear heart. We endeavor!


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