My PC laptop is very old and our apartment’s WiFi is very shit so it takes forever for me to, say, open a folder.


But then, when it eventually, finally, does manage to OPEN A FILE FOLDER and I verbally exhale an exasperated ‘finally‘,

my PC makes a satisfied happy sound which I interpret to be some kind of audio self-congratulations.


And that is astonishing to me.

But then I think… aw. Leave the old PC alone. It doesn’t know what Windows is trying to do either.

I know there are all kinds of ways to improve your computer efficiency and disable the sounds but… honestly, working with this PC daily has helped me to improve my patience.

My yelling at it is as useful as waving my arms wildly at a blind person:

Or trying to use science, Truth/truth and logic to combat koolaid-drinking extremists:

As such, it’s important to find the most appropriate communicative way to cope with situations and, when doing so, do our best to employ patience.


In any case, in regard to my old computer, after it makes its self-congratulatory noise after successfully, eventually, opening a file folder which doesn’t even require the internet, I gently pat it on its keyboard.

“Good PC.”

Because it’s so destructive and unhealthy to feel angry all the time.

Change requires patience.

Even if that feels absolutely almost impossible.

Like when trying to explain how WiFi works to an older person who just got a new cell phone and, by doing so, reveals they have no idea about anything works in the modern world.

Or like how the IRS apparently lost our tax return from last year though all our documents are on its site and they had no problem taking our money and they had a record of it earlier in the year…😺


7 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Your method is likely better than mine where I smash the keyboard and scream until Deegan kindly asks me not to break it and I snap back “it’s my fucking computer and I’ll do what I want!!” Like how an adult acts. A perimenopausal adult.

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    1. Haha my pc is on the brink of death so my lashing out will not being me the petty satisfaction I’d if it was a bit younger and sturdier. 😂I never lose my temper on tech because… it will just hurt me in bureaucratic, financial annoyingly life-altering ways. But I hear you with the snap-back. 😂😘


  2. My PC is also getting really slow and I am losing patience with it, especially when trying to switch between windows or open a Word file. I even paid a tiny bit more per month for improved wifi and it made no difference whatsoever because apparently a five year old processor is ancient! So I feel you and I wish we could keep up without having to spend money on this shit all the time!

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    1. Right!? Oh I’m so sorry you’re dealing with the same situation. I imagine we are all unless we have eternal money to continuously spend on updating and replacing everything. ☹️ Boooooooooo tech! What happened to “long-lasting” being a thing? 🔋Why can’t they stop needlessly updating and changing PCs and phones and start applying all that knowledge and tech to instead solving health issues and climate change. Sigh. Priories askew.


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