MENTAL HEALTH Requires … Listening to Bauhaus in My Creepy Basement with My Friend Chair

I AM FINALLY GETTING A CHEST X-RAY AND ALSO BLOODWORK! 🙌 Wooooohooooooo!!! I am so old and decrepit I regard this as a major accomplishment.

I remember when winning an award or finishing my degree gave me the same sense of accomplishment.

It’s a bit sad but… how does it go? Life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans?


Accordingly, I felt a similar sense of accomplishment when I finally got my mom and dad diagnosed with the medical condition that would eventually kill them both because it was diagnosed too late/there is no cure…


That took a dark turn. Excuse me. I blame it on how I’m rereading and editing the poetry I used to write when in my 20s. For me, poetry is the vessel into which I pour my darkness.

And this blog is the vessel into which I pour my Kool-Aid.

Through Twitter I’ve met all these poets and holy cats I have been inspired.

At the same time, digging back into my poetry is like plugging my heart directly into the socket of my emotions and memory bank.

So I’m currently in better touch with a lot of stuff I kind of “forgot” about.

Art therapy is real.

In any case, my reconnection to all this other stuff which has been resurrected by motherflipping poetry has also awakened my love for Bauhaus.

It’s not like I ever stopped loving the band Bauhaus but I haven’t really dedicated a lot of time to them since becoming old and dedicating my time to feeling excited about acquiring the medical tests I’ve longed for.

At the same time, I would love to finally know what is wrong with me.

Because, besides my epilepsy, my body has been really been me-focused for the last month especially.

Therefore, YAY, I’m getting all the tests and it’s a bit overwhelming and also wonderful.

So it was time to dance it out to Bauhaus.

And what better place to dance it out while listening to Bauhaus than a basement.

My husband and I live in a second floor apartment, so sometimes I use our building’s basement to dance and listen to music.

There’s lots of space down there.

And plenty to look at.

For instance, I don’t know why there is rope hanging from the window at the far end.

And I don’t know why it looks like there is a manhole in the basement floor.



Or why there is a tube going into the manhole cover.


I’m also not exactly cool with the portion of the basement floor which has a dirt floor.

But the fact that there is a pile of loose dirt on top of the basement’s dirt floor which looks like something was casually buried there really does not please me.

I have no curiosity left in my bones. I will not be digging out whatever is apparently buried there.

Whatever it is has a nice home.

The buried-in-the-dirt-floor-of-our-building’s-basement object also appears to have a star-shape which I find interesting

but not interesting enough to grab the shovel.

Of course, I seem to have pareidolia.

For the sake of reference, pareidolia is “the tendency to incorrectly perceive stimulus as an object” though I take issue with how it’s generally assumed that the objects I and my weirdo comrades see aren’t really there.

After all, I’m not sure it’s wise to believe what psychiatrists and neurologists in the 1950s felt was possible or “real”. For instance, Klaus Conrad, the doctor who coined the phrase “apophenia” which is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things, was a member off the Nazi Party.

I think these doctors were really overestimating some realities and underestimating others.

And so what if there really is an elfin face in my towel and it’s been doomed to spend eternity there (in my towel) for committing some dire crime against the elf community.

Don’t see the elf? Here…

If there is a cursed elf trapped in my bath towel it should know that it’s trapped in my favorite bath towel which was gifted to me by my dad years ago.

I’m sure the cursed elf really cares.

Back to the basement, it also looks like there is a sunfish elsewhere in the broken cement floor.

You have to see the sunfish or you really have no imagination whatsoever and probably are unable to comprehend this entire blog.

Now seeing shapes in the basement’s cement floor is similar to finding shapes in the clouds.

But if you’re playing the shapes-in-the-basement-floor game all the time and never the shapes-in-the-clouds-in-the-sky game, it’s probably time to realize you’re not living a great life if you haven’t already.

Unless you’re able to Life Is Beautiful your way through it.

If you are, then continue to find shapes in your cement sky, basement dweller.

Our building’s basement also has lovely art on its wall surfaces.


Um… I honestly don’t see anything in that drawing. Maybe a platypus… in hell?

And then…

I’m sure that said “Tidy” and that’s nice.

Also, why are there hangers suspended from/wedged into the walls?

It doesn’t matter.

The basement of our building isn’t spooky or threatening. It’s a very calm space.

Though it definitely looks like it had some previous gang activity and/or cult activity and it definitely also has some paranormal potential based on its appearance alone. Because of this, I did find myself looking over my shoulder, half-expecting some ghostly figure to descend the stairs behind me.

But of course no one did.

And therefore I was left to enjoy Bauhaus and dance around while I waited for laundry to be done.

I also had a companion: chair… and we were crowded by yet another random hanger who just had to feel involved.

Eventually, laundry was done and my two hours in the basement were over.

And I came up the stairs and felt refreshed and apparently looked like a banshee.

But I thought I looked really nice which just goes to show… dancing + music + creepy basements + getting domestic chores done = good photo.

This contrasts to the way I looked in yesterday’s virtual doctor visit which was more like:

I assume the way I looked on the screen is why my doctor went straight to ordering the bloodwork and x-ray.

“Excellent,” said I in reply.

Soooooooooooooooo now I have my ambulatory EEG results, my genetic testing results, my comprehensive bloodwork panel results and my chest x-ray results to look forward to.

Stay tuned for


because things have the potential to get rather dark and I may be floating some poetry in the Kool-Aid.

And… if you noticed the change in tone of this blog it’s because:

So much to look forward to. 🖤


Oh! And, ss long as you’re here, please check out my store where I sell my illustrations and copies of my ghostly storybook which I print and bind at home.

My ghostly storybook is also available as an ebook through Amazon.

I’d love to insert links but I can’t as this is a free WordPress account so… you have to manually copy and paste the links into your browser…

Thank you for the support!!!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “MENTAL HEALTH Requires … Listening to Bauhaus in My Creepy Basement with My Friend Chair

  1. I think your bean sidhe look is cool.
    I recently did a deep dive on Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail, Peter Murphy, etc. and found it refreshing and rewarding.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The second “manhole cover” is a floor drain. It’s there so if you have water collecting in your basement, it can drain away. The tube going into the floor drain would be draining something like the furnace (if it is a condensing furnace), air conditioner or dehumidifier, or some other fixture that condenses water as a by-product of its operation. The tube lets it drain while keeping the floor dry.

    There. Is my engineer’s geekitude showing yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I love your engineer geekitude! Though I wouldn’t call it that.

      Thanks! Yeah… I figured it was a drain of some sort but it’s on the opposite wall of the furnace and anything… I’m going to go see now. It appears to be running straight into our storage stuff which isn’t logical. And the basement floods… on the other side. But… yes. In case it REALLY floods, there is the drain. 🙂


    1. Yes! Yay! I’ve been hacking up brown for months! I had a chest X-ray last summer at Urgent Carr when I woke up and couldn’t breathe at all and the x-ray showed my lungs were so inflamed they were closed and the nurse was all “How you alive?” And I was all “I honestly don’t know. God?” And she laughed and… now it’s this summer and here I go again. 😂 I’m most excited by the blood because… I have never smoked and… yeah. Let’s just get to the bottom of this. ✊🙌💪🤪


  3. 1) Seeing Elfin Face
    Apparently, seeing faces where none are intended is a thing. I have it too. It’s kind of a pain, because, having seen it, I feel compelled to look for it every. Single. TIME. It is not unseeable. (Is that a word?)

    2) Odd Illustration
    That odd illustration is a rather good Miró inspired female form. (Honestly, you don’t see it?)

    3) You Look Pretty
    That’s a nice photo.

    4) New Cover Design?
    I like it.

    5) Test Results
    I’M kinda dying to see the results, too, and it’s not even my body (nor any of my business).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. I like “unseeable”. And yeah… it’s a thing. I just think it’s fun to think that what we see is really there.

      2. If there are “eyes” in an inanimate object, they are now an organism. Definitely see her in the art.

      3. Awwwww. That was a good photo. 😘

      4.Did I do a new cover design? Yay! And thank you!

      5. Um, thank you so much, Lisa. I really appreciate that. I am too and it’s kind of impeding my a ability to joke or think creatively until I get the results. So… thank you, dear.

      Hope you’re staying safe. 💙

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  4. 6) Well Dang
    The last time I tried to pop in a picture, nothing happened, so I decided the link was better than nothing. So popping in the link would get me the pictures. No o o o pe.

    There are four. Just look at the first one, I guess.


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