My computer may be dead.

That’s it. 😣🙏 Hoping it’s just the RAM but… probably not.

No fun Microsoft Paint illustrations for this blog but… hey. It’s (sort of) another blog!

I’m shaking with exhaustion but I’m still at the insane job. Once I have a computer again, if I can afford to get another one, I’ll return with a ghost story!

ANOTHER GHOST STORY! Is it just me or does world seem especially haunted lately?


Sending love to all. 🖤🖤🖤

11 thoughts on “My computer may be dead.

  1. I wonder if your computer will show up in the next ghost story…if it truly IS dead, that is. Will be looking forward to the next posting to see what shakes out!

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    1. Miss you! Hahaha I love the connection you just made! 😂 PC FROM THE DEAD! Hee hee hee

      I will note that – last night I was so upset (police loudspeakers outside + a ridiculous situation I can’t even articulate quite yet) – the light in the bedroom started flickering and my plugged-in phone started to make that weird noise when it thinks it’s plugged in… and then not… and then plugged in again… and then not… over and over and it was just sitting in the same place.

      Hard to say if it was all my excess abnormal brain electricity finally manifesting or ghosts suddenly appearing to show empathy or feed off my negative emotion OR just a super weird coincidence but…

      That’s not the ghost story. 😂🖤


      1. So truuuuuuuuue! 😱 Though it made me feel… “RIGHT?!?” 😂 And, my dear, it turns out it IS the ram… or so the PC dad-and-daughter-duo say at the shop… so GET READY FOR MY CREEPY GHOST STORY on my BACK FROM THE DEAD PC! 🖤🥰😘


    1. Awwww thank you Tracy! Yay!!!!!! You’ve made my super stressful-I’m-at-work day!!!!!! 🥰🖤

      I hope to pick up my poor PC tonight after work and then post the ghost story tomorrooooooooow! 🖤😻


  2. I’m sorry your computer is dead and you are exhausted. Don’t overdo it. Talk to your new boss about a reasonable workload. Please include a memorial service for the computer next post. XO

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    1. Oh my dear. Thank you! I have been WAY overdoing it but it’s been necessary and I’m being paid for all the work I did the July 4th holiday weekend which was nice. I think it will get easier. My boss is… very high functioning and there really isn’t a lower level. 😂 I’ll either swim or drown. Currently, swimming still.

      And my PC may only need a new RAM! I’m hoping to pick it up tonight after work! You’ll know if it’s true if I make a blog post tomorrow! 😘🥰


  3. Shhh (I don’t want to say this out loud) but I could be convinced my purse is a gateway to an alternate universe).

    My favorite sunglasses keep being there. Then not there. Oh, they’re back. Gone again. I am telling you that I empty my handbag entirely, then put each item back, one by one. And the next time I zip it open, there they are, right on top. It’s only sunglasses, and only that pair.

    My purse has been particularly busy lately, which makes me eager to share my recent Twilight Zone visits. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Carry on.

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  4. So glad to hear from you – – it’s hard to believe it’s only been two weeks! I hope the job settles down to something more manageable soon.

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    1. Oh it’s so great to hear from you too, dear Kathy! Sigh. Yes… hopefully it will soon settle down. 🙂 I came into a tornado of drama and chaos (and a VERY small staff) but… slowly, slowly, slowly… it is coming together. I’m still dead tired by the end of the day but… MY COMPUTER HAS BEEN RESURRECTED and here I am back on my blog! Hope lives! Post to come tomorrow! xoxoxoxox


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