2023 RECAP: New Dog, House Is Still Probably Haunted, Change Afoot and Will to Live Remains Despite Everything

Hello there! 😺

It’s been a minute so let me catch you up.

New Dog

We finally got a dog. Granted, we have June the Destroyer but she hasn’t quite yet reached the assignment of “dog” as a classification yet.

So we got a 100% D-O-G and I almost returned him because he was NOT chill and laidback as advertised.

And he had a “humping” problem.

But he really turned himself around overnight and so now we have Baezy “Chonkers” (he arrived fat) and June.

It’s weird to have a Real Dog. He is massive and annoying and a fierce watch dog and a killer.

But I’m learning to love him.

And now we have two dogs and our house is in a constant state of shambles. And the dogs now both stare at me all the time.

Oh well. Sometimes I drive around after work so I don’t have to go home but this just tells me I’m now normal.

Old House Still Haunted

Or at least it’s still occupied by weirdos.

The boy and I drove past our old house in Madison, Wisconsin and the skeleton which friends had reported
now sits on the front porch is still there.

It’s nice to see the new owners make sure the skeleton is warm, safe and dressed for spring (unless they know green is simply its color).

Change Is Afoot

Things are weird. The other day, it looked like there was a blue cooler sitting across the street, staring back at the blue cooler which was on the floor in our house.

It was like our blue cooler was looking at itself in the future.

And the future doesn’t look like it has been kind.

Similarly, I find myself at a crossroads in my professional life.

This is because a corporate entity is in process of extracting myself and my team of Medicaid social workers and nurses from our non-profit organization.

As a result, we will be losing our non-profit, our office space, our team, out culture, our office equipment, our colleagues, our donation bin and our contact information.

We are told this transition won’t affect our caseloads or work but I’m pretty sure a corporation will not run things like a small non-profit and the transition itself is producing an incredible amount of disruption and change.

But corporate take-overs are part of modern life.


So I’m not quite sure what the future holds (besides destruction and terror), but all we can do is take it one day at a time.

Like the furry white monster I continue to see, even when we feel like discounted versions of ourselves

It’s important to know it is likely to feel worse before it gets any better.

But that’s okay. All we have to do is hold on tightly and not let all the nasty ways of the world change who we are.

Unless we were already nasty because then I guess we’d be all set for the world and its ways.

And it’s now Party Time.

Hope everyone is staying safe and being good.


10 thoughts on “2023 RECAP: New Dog, House Is Still Probably Haunted, Change Afoot and Will to Live Remains Despite Everything

  1. Am I just not computing or is that not the north street house???? Oh madison, I miss it so. But it felt different this last time I went back. No one I know and love is there anymore, favorite restaurants have closed down, my favorite gay bar is now an arcade bar -.-, etc.. 😦 I drove past my old homes too and things have deteriorated a bit. Sad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I don’t want to live in chaos. 🥺 WordPress wouldn’t log me in and I was somehow blocked so I had to write this post on my phone on a browser… the formatting is atrocious. My job is chaos and I just… long for… a change that’s needed but I don’t know what that is yet.


  2. I’m so glad that Chonkers will be a role model for June and show her how to be a real dog. This makes my heart happy. I love the way they stare at you. They are truly a weird pair. I hope the corporate takeover isn’t all Wall Street bad and you can keep your current client relationships. Hey, at least they didn’t fire you and hire all new staff. Hang in the friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear Naomi🙏 They certainly are a weird little pair! I guess I’m their world and love them dearly. Baezy wags his tail when I sings and sits at my bedside until I go to sleep. 😭 And June couldn’t have more of a DOG to help her evolve. 😂

      Aw. I hope it’s not too Wall Street-ish too! And you’re so right… still have a job… I think, so they say. But I am really nervous… COVID is “over” and a bunch of people will lose their Medicaid coverage and… I just don’t think I can do this job virtually. I need the in person support and consulting time. Last week a client was sobbing and telling me about all the horrible abuse he and his sister suffered as children and… it caught me off guard but… it’s a really tough job for someone like me (trained as a counselor and researcher) as people just open up and… 🥺

      I’m any case, it will work out how it works out! My colleague and I were recently thinking about how nice working at a florist shop sounds… 😂

      Hugs and love to you and yours!

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  3. June looks pleased (2nd photo).

    So, actually, I feel better having seen this post. I’d been away when it dropped, hadn’t heard hide nor hair in too long, got a little…antsy.

    Glad you’re hanging in there. “I’ve found that just surviving was a noble fight.” Billy Joel


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