Hey Brain Wars Subscribers… Got a Minute? 😺


And I am once again pitching my graphic memoir WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU WEIRD AT PARTIES.

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your help! Special shout out to Naomi, Gabi, Meredith and Jesse.

Here are tomorrow’s pitches:


Diagnosed w epilepsy at age 13 (is this puberty!?), earns PhD at 30. But, when family falls apart, electrified only child must sacrifice her career, save her family & face her past or end up amoral and financially successful. Unexpected humor + relatable grief




Diagnosed w epilepsy at age 13 (is this puberty!?). From patient to caregiver. Hospice and fundraising. Letting go and holding on. Electrified and cackling for survival. Unexpected humor + relatable grief



WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU MAKES YOU WEIRD AT PARTIES. Compelled to save her family and cackling all the way, an epileptic only child must expand who she is to not only survive trauma and loss but an electrified reckoning. Unexpected humor + relatable grief


Eeeeeeeeeek! Wish me luck!!!! 🤞⚡️

THANK YOU FOR READING/YOUR HELP, EVERYONE! This is also the period of time which includes my cousin and father’s death anniversaries and my departed mom’s birthday. So it’s nice to have something to focus on beside their absence. 🖤

Oddly, my parents’ clock chimed a million times this morning at 8:30AM so… well, we’ve all been there.

8 thoughts on “Hey Brain Wars Subscribers… Got a Minute? 😺

    1. Thanks dear G. 🖤 I appreciate your feedback, as always. 🙏 Haha aw… well, the original book is what I can send the readers who love the condensed story (it’s still 500 pages but much more visual now). Special edition. 😂 Thank you so much for your feedback. If I get an agent, I can show them both versions. 🙂 #dreaming

      Here’s another pitch… what do you think?

      Diagnosed w epilepsy at age 13 (is this puberty!?), earns PhD at 30. But when family falls apart, will girl move forward or leave them behind. Unexpected humor + relatable grief
      #PITMAD #A #GN #MEM #MH #Dis


  1. I like the 3rd pitch the best by far because it captures your crazy sense of humor that is present in all your images and posts. I like the 3rd image in the scroll that shows multiple characters at the table. I would maybe include some electricity emanating from the character that is you. Good luck! You deserve to get published.

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    1. Thank you Naomi! I appreciate your feedback! The 3rd image is kind of the book climax so they’re all me: me as child, me as developing fly, me as Special Forces and me as tornado. Throughout the book I represent myself as each as representing a certain time period. The book is more like “I was moving forward but the entire time I was still running away (from the past).” Blah. It’s a weird book. 😂 But thank you so much! 🥰😘😘😘😘


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