“Regular Sick” or Infected 🙀?

I feel terrible. Sore throat, headache, body aches and feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck. So, as I wait for my COVID results, I am trying to heal my body and mind. It’s likely I’m not infected. Mostly because… I’m an introvert and so, as each week in the past few months […]

Well, We Introverts Can’t All Be Normal and Well-Adjusted 😺

I spend most of my time being a recluse and playing Sodoku. I’m an epileptic introvert who is now terrified of her brain degenerating so this is a pragmatic way to spend my time, in my electrified view. At the same time, I can’t play Sodoku all the time so I also spend a lot […]

Maybe Zoo Animals Don’t Want Stay At Home Order To Ever End

Watching the news right now is terrifying. And it’s been terrifying for… years. But it’s especially terrifying right now. And they say we are all in this together but… no matter how many “feel good” stories the local news plays, it’s really difficult to feel good about humankind when watching the news. Yeah, I watched […]