You’ve Been Too Much, Summer: Halloween, Save Us All

I think the last time I enjoyed summer was back when I was a kid. Back then, it was all waterparks and swimming pools and fireworks and staying over at friends’ houses and running around in the dark of our neighborhoods playing Ghosts in the Graveyard, Witches Come Out Tonight and other shocking children’s games. […]

Halloween APPROACHES: Dead Things Up North

Well, we had our mini break in northern Wisconsin and I had promised to report back on the Halloween situation there. Halloween Up North Status It wasn’t awesome. It didn’t rank on the Halloween meter. At the same time, Hayward, Wisconsin was largely rednecks so that was indeed terrifying (there were also super nice non-redneck […]

Make Your Fun: Mental Health Is Relative

WELL! What a day I had last week. WEDNESDAY I started last Wednesday with being a midwife’s first patient of the day (absolutely no news to share there) and later had a pharmacist suggest I’m insane. That was funny as the woman ahead of me in line at the pharmacy with people selling drugs right […]

Maybe Zoo Animals Don’t Want Stay At Home Order To Ever End

Watching the news right now is terrifying. And it’s been terrifying for… years. But it’s especially terrifying right now. And they say we are all in this together but… no matter how many “feel good” stories the local news plays, it’s really difficult to feel good about humankind when watching the news. Yeah, I watched […]