The Polls Took a Toll But Holy Cats Biden Won😺

Tuesday Oh boy. Election Day. Here we go! Wednesday Oh wow. This race is way closer than I feel it should be. What is wrong with people. Thursday Okay. Things are sort of looking more clear. But it also feels as if the votes will never all be counted. Nevada has gone out of its […]

Homage to Our Dead Dog, Hemi

A few years ago, I watched a YouTube clip about a couple who had quit their jobs and left their home so that they could provide an outdoor life for their dogs on a full-time basis. I remember looking at our rescue mastiff Hemi and laughing. Not only because of the sheer bewilderment I felt […]

Some Americans Suddenly Realize Coronavirus Is Not Fake News

My husband and I went to get tested for coronavirus a few weeks ago at a south side National Guard testing site located in the parking lot of a Milwaukee community job center. The attraction was how this site was free, a drive-thru and also did not require an appointment. And it was a remarkably […]