Hey Brain Wars Subscribers, Here Is a Working Link to the Music Blog

Technical difficulties! 🚨 It’s been reported to me by my husband that the email link to my latest blog did not work. Therefore, in case you missed it, here is the link and it should work: https://epileptaste.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/music-is-medicine-but-accessing-it-has-been-a-real-lifelong-trick/ It’s funny that accessing the blog which discusses issues with accessing data has been inaccessible. 😂 Or maybe […]

Music Is Medicine But Accessing It Has Been a Real Lifelong Trick

This week I’ve had to take a mental health break and employ my “music is medicine” mantra. At the same time, taking a break from job applications and money-scheming has caused me to reflect and marvel at the distance my same-age peers (the Oregon Trail generation) and I have traveled in regard to technology because […]

Hell Today

I’m not sure if anyone else thinks “Have I gone too far?” as much as I do in regard to really insignificantly small actions. But I do enjoy the thought of my former keyboard’s space bar being in the ninth circle of hell. I never let my inability to draw hold me back either. Yeah, […]