Struck, Hacked and Haunted… yup, It’s the Same-Old, Same-Old. How You?

For my 4 readers, I’ve long discussed the dangers of driving in Milwaukee. Last Friday, I was hit so hard my car was deemed totaled on the scene. It took insurance days and days and drama and stress but eventually they said the same. A driver had hit my car so hard in my passenger […]


Well Monday didn’t go as I had hoped. Does Monday ever go as anyone hopes? I dropped my husband off at work and soon after set out to Oak Creek for a long awaited appointment with my neurologist. I was dreading it as I haven’t seen her since she ordered all the tests and I […]


Shit happens. When your shorts fall down, pull them up, be grateful to have pants and get on to cleaning up the trash and contemplating what the hell you’re doing with your life.