Holy cats! There’s been a gap in my blog posting! The reason is… well, let me use a little MATH: Variable One: I have moved my husband and I from our apartment to our house (I packed all our things, labeled all the boxes, booked the movers, was there for the movers and helped the […]

Detached: Why This Epileptic Will Never Again Do Another Ambulatory EEG

Right. So I’ve had epilepsy since I was 12. That last sentence makes it sound like going from “no epilepsy” to “epilepsy” was a smooth transition… it was not. In any case, as an epileptic (who hid her epilepsy for twenty-five years out of fear of people’s rampant inability to cope with fear and who […]

Being Thirteen and WTF Are Temporal Lobe Seizures?

I attended a free private Lutheran school from kindergarten through 8th grade. For 9th grade all us St. Johns kids had to transfer schools because the grades in our school ran out. Some of my good friends left for junior high after 6th grade and were really happy to be “liberated” but I was content […]