Monday: Electrodes, Needles, Nerves, Static, a Bed and Four Men and an Epileptic Crammed in a Tiny Room

I’m not going to lie. That 👆 sounds like a very messed up porn. Gross. Which is why I don’t feel a lot of people could do an EMG test. Because if you’re not “good with” needles, or have an issue with claustrophobia or with being electrocuted, or being essentially naked on a bed in […]

Going to Prison

Well, I was called back for a second interview for one of the two Education Director positions I had interviewed for the week before. I’m going to tell that story this week because my brain is consumed by thoughts of this role and as such I am incapable of thinking about anything else. A bad […]

“Well, I’ll Just Stop Eating Then…”

Super share. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself… but since my teenage anorexia was an indirect product of my teenage epilepsy, I’m going to super share. 😐 Eating disorders are largely a manifestation of feeling the fuck out of control. “My life is spiraling out of control and I’m also 16 so… yes, […]

Angry Bunnies Drowning

I fell into a pit of ambivalence last night. Join the club, yeah. I know. Maybe it’s the social isolation but I really can’t imagine that’s it because I rarely leave the house so not much in my daily empath life has changed and… I stopped watching the news. So why the sudden Pit of […]