Bullies, Minions and Balance in the Universe

Last Saturday it was really nice outside… the first genuinely nice day of Spring 2021. So the boy and I decided to venture out to see if we could sit outside and grab some food. We parked and walked around and then… encountered a picnic bench of drunk people who were all staring at us […]

Brain Update: To Fall or Not to Fall

“Are you afraid of falling?” “No.” The neurological specialist nodded thoughtfully and I redirected my thoughts to reflect on how “Stephen Hawking” fell a lot in the beginning of the movie The Theory of Everything. ☹️ The reason for this rant is how I went to the dreaded appointment with an ALS specialist because I […]

Helping: A Dark Art

I’m one of those people who feels compelled to help other people. If I don’t feel like I’m helping other people, I feel as if I have no purpose. And this is why I often have had jobs which paid very little money because helping people is not what people do to make money. In […]